Makita 9564CV 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder Review

Angle grinders are very significant at homes and in shops. Every handyman or shop owner definitely owns a powerful and durable angle grinder, and the Makita 9564CV is usually on top of the list of everyone.

I also own a Makita 9564CV, and I am amazed by its many functionalities and characteristics up to now. I have redesigned some parts of my house to make them more modern and sophisticated, and I didn’t have a hard time accomplishing this task. I allotted some weekends to remodel my kitchen and living room, and took advantage of the different features of Makita 9564CV.

The Makita 9564CV has everything that an individual needs in a power tool – power, performance, speed, and durability. These four items are the main ingredients that make Makita 9564CV an amazing discovery and as the best 4.5-inch angle grinder in the home improvement industry.


Here are the main details to find out about this handy power tool. These features will let you see how it lets me feel so comfortable to do house remodeling by myself.

Packed Lightly But Performs Strongly

The Makita 9564CV is designed to be portable. It is quite small, but it is very strong when it comes to cutting, grinding, sanding, and polishing materials. Changing the tiles in my bathroom was so easy because of this light but very strong angle grinder.

This unit is powered by a 10 amp motor, so it could be relied on to perform continuously for longer periods of time. It won’t overheat as well because it has an electronic limiter feature to complement with its motor. With this fantastic feature, it is the best metal grinder to have.

Variable Speed Setting for Comfort

When selecting an angle grinder, it is best to check if it has a variable speed setting feature. With Makita 9564CV, it is designed to answer different needs. Different materials require different speed for grinding, and the Makita 9564CV could provide individuals the right amount of speed for each material.

For novices in using angle grinders, this is quite an advantage because it lets them adjust to the speed of the tool easily. They could weigh how much speed they can work on to process or accomplish a certain task. After some time, they could easily work at fast speeds and finish different jobs easily and comfortably.

With this variable setting, a slow-start motion can also be expected with the machine. There are no unnecessary surprises to deal with when starting to work on something with the Makita 9564CV.

Features and Specifications

  • It is a 4 and ½ grinding wheel, which makes it very handy or portable.
  • It boasts of a 12.0 amp motor for increased power output.
  • It includes a variable speed control dial, which makes it very convenient to use in different applications.
  • It has five different speed limits, which range from 2,800 to 10, 500 revolutions per minute or rpm.
  • It weighs 4.0 pounds, so it is compact and very convenient to work with.
  • The carbon brush material has been improved and made larger for durability or longer tool life.
  • It has an electronic limiter to prevent motor burnout or overload.

When purchasing the unit, it includes a wheel guard, grinding wheel, side handle, wrench, lock-nut, and inner flange.

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Makita 9564CV Reviews and Scores

Makita 9564CV is a powerful and reliable angle grinder to take advantage of. It functions wonderfully as it lets people save a lot of time, money and energy.

The angle grinder has earned a 4.8 rating out of five stars. It was deemed as highly functional in many home aspects and in many Makita angle grinder reviews. One customer pointed out that it’s very durable even after continuous use and replacing the brushes is also very easy.

Another customer highlighted that he chose this angle grinder because of its variable speed setting. It worked very well when grinding down a cement stucco basement wall. Fixed speed grinders are very uncomfortable to use. This one is an amazing find!


The Makita 9564CV is a must-have power tool. It has been recognized as the best grinder ever by many customers, and it continues to provide high-quality service in many areas in the world.

What I like most about this unit is that I’m the one controlling it instead of the other way around. I could set the speed limit anytime I want, and I could feel at ease grinding, cutting, or polishing some materials.

The versatility of this unit could never be contested as well. It can be utilized in more ways than one. It could sand or clear away rust for auto body work. It could polish granite and marble. Woodworking is also a favorite field that many people love to endeavor when using this powerful 9564CV. Check out other best angle grinder reviews too.

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