Makita BMR100W Cordless Jobsite Radio Review

The Makita BMR100W Cordless Job Site Radio is one that combines style and functionality. Its protective design will come off as rugged, and this thing can sure withstand the test of time and durability. Featuring great and crisp sounds coming off of the two speakers on both side of the radio, the BMR100W is perfect for those who work on job sites and want just to lighten up a bit. This portable radio will surely give you all your radio and music needs whenever, wherever.

The Makita BMR100W is one of the best portable job site radios out there in the market, and we will discuss why in subsequent paragraphs.

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Amazing Aesthetics

Measuring 9.1 in x 6.5 in x 10.2 in and weighing 12.6 lbs, this device is small but stunning. Its design is not heavy nor bulky, and it is easy to carry with its handle that folds down on top of the radio when not in use. It also has a rubber handle that gives support and comfort whenever it is carried around.

Its cordless functionality gives liberty to be transported anywhere, and its protective rubber sides add to the durability of the radio, making it perfect for heavy-duty activities and leaving it on the job site to provide entertainment.

The radio’s weather resistance also adds to its rugged feel, and the metal bars situated on its face is also part of its protective features, guarding it against damage from heavy falls or impact from large objects.

Superb Sounds

The BMR100W’s primary feature is its speakers that are integrated on either side. Measuring 3.25 inches each, these speakers are more than enough, about the size of the actual radio. They can be fired up to almost maximum level without sacrificing audio quality. Distortion is also minimal, and there is little to no scratches regardless of the volume. The bass output for the speakers is also of good quality, which will make dance music lovers happy.

This radio features an AM/FM radio with tuner, as well as compatibility with your mobile phone or your favorite MP3 player, giving the user options for playback.

Makita BMR100W Features & Specifications

  • AM/FM Radio function – the Makita BMR100W stays true to its name that it is, first and foremost, radio. The reception is great, and the built-in antenna lets the stations in both AM and FM be picked up clearly
  • Rechargeable and cordless –the Makita BMR100W can operate through a Makita 18-volt LXT or 18-volt Li-ion battery. This battery is designed for all of the products in Makita’s LXT product line, which makes it very easy to find. These cordless solutions are built for tradesmen’s comfort and easier navigation around their job sites
  • Easy Navigation – with its simple power switch, LCD-backlit display, station presets, clock, timer, volume dial, and two speakers on either side, the Makita BMR100W is something that anyone could easily operate
  • Rugged and Weatherproof – This simple radio does not only look rough; it is rugged. With its rubber side protection and front metal bars, it can surely take some beating
  • MP3 compatible –the ability to hook up your MP3 player, iPod, or other music players through a 2.5 mm jack is a great feature, giving the users freedom on what to play and where to play it from
  • Three-year warranty – not that you would need it, but the warranty provided gives you a peace of mind that this radio is indeed built to last

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Makita BMR100W Reviews

A lot of those who bought the Makita BMR100W are satisfied with its performance. Garnering an editor rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, out of 219+ ratings, most of the customers of this radio are raving about its compact design and portability. Our reviewers love the MP3 sync feature which, along with the LCD, makes it easy to navigate.

For those who already owned other Makita cordless tools, this one is a treat, since all their batteries are compatible. One reviewer also commented how handy the alarm function is, especially to those who are fond of taking naps on the job site.

Things to Improve

People have commented on the AC adaptor that comes with the product, thinking it is a bit too lightweight, and may destroy the cord in the future. However, there have been no negative reports that have been done about that. Additionally, a lot of people have commented that the sound of the Makita BMR100W is heavy on the bass. An equalizer would have helped solve this problem, or maybe an option to balance the bass and the treble. That downside, however, is a turn on for some especially to those who are fans of heavy or DJ music.


For those who are fans of both durability and aesthetics, the Makita BMR100W is the one for you. With its easy-to-carry and weatherproof function, and excellent, crisp sounds, this little gem of a rocker is sure to fire up your parties, outdoor gatherings, and mediocre afternoons at job sites. Check out other best job site radio here!

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