Makita KP0800K Planer Kit Review

The Makita KP0800K is another device which features heavy power with its 6.5-amp motor. The factor that makes it different from other models with the same amperage is that you can remove it faster without hassle. All the energy is maximized by this device when you’re working on your woodworking activities. You will be amazed by the fact that even though it is considered heavy-duty, you can still transfer and carry it because it is lightweight.

If you are looking for a product that can both deliver power and efficiency, then Makita KP0800K is the right match for your needs. It can deliver accurate and precise wood cutting that will surely make you satisfied with this product. This planer has double carbide edge for more precision in cutting. Aside from this, your workplace and the blades are much secured because of the elevated springboard base. What’s not to like about this planer?

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41Zo0cuiy1LElevated Springboard Base

Unlike other planers in the market, Makita KP0800K is created with a springboard base that helps in keeping your woodworks and the blades secure. The elevated base will support the entire setup and keep it free from scratches and other minor damages. You will find it really convenient when you’re working in a narrow-spaced area.

This feature is created with safety and perfection in mind. It is always good to do your woodworking activities as flawlessly as possible to ensure the quality of the products. The springboard base will keep the wood blocks lifted off of the ground. You don’t need to worry about your woodwork getting dirty and messed up because of the dirt around the area.

Aluminum Housing for Protection

One thing that you will really like with this planer is that it is one of the most durable devices in the market. Its housing is made with aluminum. This material is known to deliver extreme protection to the internal part. You will be saved from frequently replacing the blades because it will surely be protected by its aluminum housing.

You should note that the blades are susceptible to damage and this may greatly affect its efficacy. If you need to regularly use your planer for personal or business purposes, then it is recommended for you to make use of Makita KP0800K because it will definitely provide you the protection you’ll need.

Aside from the mentioned above, this planer has the ability to cut damp woods as smooth as it cuts dry wood. This is how versatile this planer kit is. You no longer need to sort out the wood that you’ve gathered because it will effectively cut everything according to the requirements, whether they are dry or damp. Most professionals opt to use a planer like this because it is very convenient and necessary to their business.

Makita KP0800K Features and Specifications

  • 5-amp motor – Its motor can deliver powerful cutting performance for this unit. It also gives it the ability to remove stock for a smooth finish.
  • 3/32 inches of planes – It can effectively work on planes with just a single pass.
  • Double Blade Cutter Head – These blades can perform way better than single head cutter blades. It runs in 17,000 RPM.
  • Spring-loaded elevated base – This helps in keeping the wood and the blades secured and protected from damage.
  • Simple Blade installation – You can easily install the blades by yourself because is the process is simple.
  • Aluminum Housing – This feature protects the blades from being damaged.
  • Double Edge carbide blades – This is for added efficacy and performance.

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Makita KP0800K Reviews

Due to its extremely powerful cutting mechanism, the Makita KP0800K gets a rating of 7 out of 10. Frankly, this planer is such a remarkable tool. It has more power compared to the other heavy-duty wood planers in the market. Many of the users found it very convenient to use because it is very lightweight and small.

Users are very satisfied with the protection offered by the aluminum housing. They are able to use their planer for a longer period of time without the need to replace the blades frequently. Thus, they are able to save much money for other uses.

Things to Improve

If there is one thing to improve with Makita KP0800K, it is that it should be adapted for beginners. Its current f features are recommended for professional woodworkers. Home users need to learn the basic concepts of wood planning before they use the device to avoid accidents and other troubles.


The Makita KP0800K is indeed a planer that ensures efficacy and the safety of the users. It also has the capacity to protect the work piece from damage. If you would like to have a fine planer that will surely produce a smooth finish despite its small size, then this tool is definitely for you.

As one of the best double head cutter planers, it will surely give you the result based on your expectations. You may check out other reviews about this wood planer in this site.