Makita Vacuum Cleaners Offer Many Benefits to Professionals and DIYers

Whether you’re working at your home or on a construction job site, it is absolutely vital to make sure that you maintain a clean work area. Although a broom and dustpan can help, these items aren’t very efficient and are overly time consuming. Instead, you might want to consider using one of the latest Makita Vacuum Cleaners. These machines are capable of getting the job completed, within an optimum amount of time. Below, you will learn a little more about these machines and why you should consider using them for your jobs!

Makita Vacuum DVC350Z

An Introduction

First and foremost, it is essential to get acquainted with these devices. What can they do for you? The Makita DVC350Z is a vacuum cleaner, but it is much more than that! This machine can be used for a number of different purposes, which will help to ensure that your job site is cleaned to perfection before you leave. It can be used in reverse, as a dust extractor and blower. If you’ve been cutting up wood, you’ll have to deal with wood chips. Sometimes, these fall in between the cracks and are difficult to remove. The Makita DVC350Z will make this normally impossible task effortless.

Easily Portable

When heading out to the job site, you’ll load your truck up with all of your tools and supplies. Bringing along a heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner wouldn’t be ideal. This is why Makita Vacuum Cleaners are so wonderful. The majority of them are very slim and lightweight. In fact, this specific vacuum only weighs 1.9 kilograms! It measures in at 31.8×28.8×27.4 cm. This assures that you’ll be able to tote the item around, without any difficulty. Just grab the handle and toss it in your truck, before heading off to work!

Makita Vacuum

Your Requirements, 2 Settings

One of the most annoying things in the world is attempting to vacuum up a pile of debris, but discovering that your vacuum is simply ineffective and too weak! At the same time, having a vacuum that is too powerful is also annoying! You wouldn’t want to use a vacuum that was able to suction the paint right off the wood! With the Makita DVC350Z, this is never a problem! This cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with two suctioning settings, high and low. With the quick push of a button, you’ll be able to switch between the two. This ensures that you have the precise power required for the task at hand and no more.

No Electricity? No Problem!

A lot of blue-collar workers are required to work at construction sites, which do not have electricity. This can be a tremendous problem if you do not own or want to buy an expensive and heavy generator. With the Makita DVC350Z, this will never be a problem. Instead, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery. This offers a ton of convenience, which is unparalleled by other products. The 18-volt battery is sufficiently powerful and will provide you with many hours of use before a recharge is required. Once you step into the world of cordless power tools, if you haven’t yet, you will never look back!

Conveniently Designed

If you are an on-the-go skilled worker, you will need a vacuum cleaner that will offer many conveniences. The Makita DVC350z definitely offers convenience innumerable ways, since it is equipped with an adjustable strap. This and the lighter weight will make this vacuum very portable, so you can throw it over your shoulder and take off to your next work site.

The 3-liter dust bag, which is constructed out of heavy duty cloth, will allow you to suction up more debris and dirt. This will save you a lot of time since you will not need to empty it as often and it will never have to be replaced.

The DVC350z also comes with a 2.5 meter (over 8 feet) hose and several adaptor tools so you can use it for many other tasks, including vacuuming your car.


At the end of the day, blue-collar workers have quite a few decisions to make, before heading out to the work area. Although a vacuum won’t be utilized, as much as many other tools, it is still vital! Choosing the right one is very important and will help to assure that your job is completed just a tad bit easier! With the information provided above, you can see that a Makita vacuum cleaner would be a smart choice!