Mastech MS8209 Multi Function DMM Review

Mastech, for the last two decades, has been creating top of the line measuring devices. The Mastech MS8209 Multimeter is a proof that this company is still in the industry of developing precision measuring instruments even if they are not as renowned as other brands are.

The Mastech MS8209 features not only auto-ranging but several other sensory functions, hence it is called the 5-in-1 multimeter. It also acts as a light, sound, humidity, and temperature sensor. Thanks to its capacity to measure and read all of these, a user can have a better look at the gadget or device he is testing.

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4101AEE3B5LMultifunctional With Numerous Ranges

The Mastech MS8209 has 14 different functions with a capability of attaining 39 different ranges. This device can be used for both auto and manual ranging to better suit the preferences of the user and the task requirements.

With its several functions, a user can utilize this multimeter for varied measuring and testing needs such as when troubleshooting issues, checking continuity, installing new wirings, measuring temperature, and much more. Through this, identifying key issues and ensuring proper continuity will be easier and more precise.

Light Features for Measuring in Dark Settings

The Mastech MS8209 has a neon style backlight that enables users to measure and read the display even under dark settings. This allows for increased productivity as the user can measure and test electrical gadgets without having to worry that he would not be able to see the measurements displayed as they are.

The backlight also features an Auto-Shut off that automatically turns down the backlight after 15 minutes. The shutting off is signaled by 5 quick buzzes and a single and long warning buzz.

Mastech MS8209 Features & Specifications

  • Multifunctional – 14 functions and 39 ranges
  • Data Hold Function Transform – for easy comparison of measurements between Alternating and Direct currents
  • Auto Power Off – automatic backlight shut-off after 15 minutes
  • Overload Protection. Low Battery Indicator
  • Overrange Protection – applicable for all ranges
  • Selectable Range – Auto and manual ranging to suit user familiarity and preference as well as application requirements
  • Electronix Express
  • DMM Functions– comes with 4 major environmental testing  and measurement features
  • Audible Continuity Test together with Diodes Test
  • HZ/DUTY Conversion
  • Relative Conversion –  allows for zeroing the meter through a button
  • Backlight Feature – neon style light for making measurements in darkness.
  • Back Stand Holder
  • Carrying Pouch – made from nylon
  • Power Source – 9-volt battery

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Mastech MS8209 Reviews and Ratings

The Mastech MS8209 has been reviewed by 125+ customers. Accounting for their feedback as well as our own assessment of this multimeter, we give it a rating of 9.2/10 stars. A huge percentage of the customer base is satisfied with what they paid for. One customer, for example, said that it was a great purchase and that he highly recommends this to others.

Another customer expressed that the build quality of this multimeter went far beyond his expectations. He added that we would have loved to see a similar device manufactured by known brands since he was pleased with the design and overall quality of this unit.

Satisfied customers have one common thing to say about this multimeter and it was how impressed it was about the deal for its value.

Things to Improve

While the Mastech MS8209 has many amazing features but this does not save it from having a few flaws. One customer noted about a bar graph lacking as regards to the measurement display. This is one aspect that really needs improvement in comparing the measurements made by the unit.

Another customer said that he did not prefer a light-colored carrying pouch as it easily showed dirt. He added that he would have appreciated if the backlight could have stayed for longer rather than turning off after 10 seconds. And lastly, he said that the unit lacked the dual temperature display in Fahrenheit and Celsius. These are some things lacking in the design of the unit but when it comes to the functionality, it surely delivers.

Amidst all the requested improvements of customers, the Mastech MS8209’s good features and great functionality shine more than its flaws.


The Mastech MS8209 multimeter is a highly functional product that is special because of its temperature, humidity, luminance, and sound level sensors on top of its many other features. With that and the overall quality of the product, it is a recommendable investment in any toolkit, especially for electricians who take on different tasks under light, dim, and dark settings.

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