Mastech MS8229 Auto Range Multimeter Review

If you are searching for the most multifunctional multimeter, then search no more. The Mastech MS8229 is the best fit for this description. Aside from being multifunctional, it is also very versatile. It has better coverage compared to the other multimeter devices in the market. In this case, you will be able to cover all fronts using this multimeter.

This multimeter has loads of good and promising features that most electricians love. It can even measure up to 1000 volts which is impossible for some multimeters. This is perfect for people who are just beginning to learn how to properly wire an LED. To add to its functionalities, the device can also measure different sound levels.

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People don’t realize the value of multimeters until the time their cars break down. Having said this, even home users can benefit from this device in making very accurate measurements without the hassle. The Mastech MS8229 is perfect because one of the things that it can boast about is its versatility. You can expect great features from this device.

It is not only limited to measuring voltages. In fact, it can certainly do so much more. It is also very useful in measuring resistance, which is one of the basic features that a multimeter should have.

You can do accurate readings and troubleshooting through this device. The audible alerts will let you know if the multimeter is properly connected to the device or not. Using this is very easy so it is really perfect for novice users. Above all these, you can avail it at such an affordable price.

Thermometer and Lux meter

To add to its amazing features, the Mastech MS8229 is made with a thermometer and a lux meter. The thermometer is used to check if the brakes are overheating. This is important because defective brakes are very detrimental to the safety of the passengers. The device also has the ability to measure microamps with much precision and accuracy.

On the other hand, the lux meter is used to measure the illuminances and emittance. To put it simply, this is the tool used to measure the intensity of the light as it goes through a particular surface. In other words, it measures how bright a particular thing is as perceived by the human eye. Although only a few people would feel that they need this particular feature, this has been gaining importance in most automobile-related concerns. Mastech has included this feature to make it really convenient for the users. You don’t need to buy a separate lux meter anymore since it is already included in the package.

If you think that you will need this particular feature, then you should opt for Mastech MS8229. You will surely be able to maximize its benefits.

Mastech MS8229 Features and Specifications

  • 14 different functions – This is the reason why it is considered as a versatile multimeter. It is integrated with different functions that you can fully utilize.
  • Data Hold – You can store data in this device, making it possible for you to record past and current readings.
  • Over range Protection – This feature prevents you from going over the range.
  • Automatic and Manual Ranging Feature – You have the option to manually do the ranging mechanism.
  • 4 Settings for Environmental Checking – This is included for added versatility.
  • Automatic power Off – When this device senses inactivity, it will automatically shut down.

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Mastech MS8229 Reviews

We will give the Mastech MS8229 a rating of 7 out of 10 due to the different functions that it offers to the users. Aside from this, the thermometer and lux meter inclusions make it really functional and unique compared to other multimeter devices in the market. Most of the users are very conscious of their safety that is why they are very happy with the thermometer function because they can effectively monitor the brakes.

Another thing that users like in this device is its ability to hold data. Not all multimeters have this feature. It is very convenient because you can go through your past data for documentary and checking purposes.

Things to Improve

Some of the users noted that the readings tend to start becoming erroneous after several years of using it. It is recommended that the maker should improve its consistency by providing a program or module that will reset the program when needed.


The Mastech MS8229 is a multifunctional multimeter that you can surely depend on because of its great features and capabilities. It includes a thermometer and a lux meter which you can utilize when you want to measure the temperature of your brakes and the intensity of light. If you would like to benefit from this best multifunctional multimeter, then check its availability and specs online, then find the best deal for you.