Master Lock 2953AT 12-Volt DC Portable Winch Review

Interestingly, Master Lock 2953AT 12-Volt DC Portable Winch do not require clients to buy a winch for every vehicle. This portable winch is DC-powered capable of pulling anything mounts to any flat surface. It can be used in boats, vehicle, trailer, or more. Additionally, it can also be temporarily installed or permanently mounted. While some winches use planetary gear, this one uses parallel-shaft gear that makes sure that efficient power is present for rolling wheeled trailers and trucks with a maximum weight of 6,000 lbs, pulling things of maximum 5,000 lbs through water, while it can lift items up to 2,000 lbs. When overloaded, the winch automatically shuts down.

You can control Master Lock 2953AT if you have its remote controller from a distance. When installed in a trailer, you will notice the usefulness of its 20-ft cable which is a nice feature for towing a boat against the trailer.

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41tzf96K2BL 2Powerful and Efficient

It totally looks different from other winching tools, but its power in doing its task undeniable. It can easily do pulling, hauling, and lifting. It has a powerful rack and cool gear layout. Provided with proper information about the limits of its function in land and water makes it more efficient than others.

Furthermore, having a winch for emergency reasons will prove useful sooner or later. It can be brought anywhere you go, just keep it safe in the trunk or empty compartments of your vehicle. The efficiency of the product denotes high quality as well.

Portability of the Item

No one can contest the portability of Master Lock 2953AT. Since it is powered by direct current, it can be conveniently carried using its handle. Attaching it to a flat-surface is definitely making it more portable.

Consequently, this quality of the item is one of the factors that makes it more salable to the market.

Master Lock 2953AT Features and Specifications

  • Remote Control. Not all winches have a remote control; most must be operated manually. Operating from a distance makes the work a lot easier.
  • Attachable to ball mount of flat surfaces with plate. The winch can work on its own without the need for too much support.
  • Capacity: For pulling, 2,000 lbs; through water, 5,000 lbs; for rolling, 6,000 lbs
  • Backup hand crank and safety hook. In case the primary handles stopped working, you can resort to backup materials.
  • 1-year warranty. Keep the necessary documents to avail of the warranty.
  • Built-in carrying handle. For portability purposes, of course.

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Master Lock 2953AT Reviews and Ratings

Online buyers are giving this item a rating of 8/10. Many are not impresses by the product’s effectiveness. While some laud the product’s functionalities, others are not well satisfied. One user said that Master Lock 2953AT might not be as big as the other winches, but having a built-in handle, a 30-ft long cable is enough to make you do your work whatever you winching for. He said that though the item is not for everyday use, having the item just around waiting for use is great. He tried several tricks with the product and delivered just fine results. It has only one speed, but it works.

One verified user has said that though the product cannot be compared to other mounted winches, Master Lock 2953AT is more portable against the others.

Things to Improve

No one can question the portability of this item. On the hand, there are lot more things that need to be improved well. First, the battery cables are short. Try should add at least a record of 7 feet or longer for clients to easily reach the engine bay during emergency situations. Secondly, short controller cables. This is much important for trailers 14-ft and above. It should be noted that being able to walk all the way to the back of a trailer is great.

Third, some connectors are difficult to insert. Some customers find it annoying most especially in dire cases. Since this product is designed to be removable, this feature must be taken into account. Master Lock 2953AT have yet another long way to get better. Of course, there is always room for improvement. Let’s just hope that they can integrate these improved features sooner before it’s too late. When they do so, they’ll be able to have more positive reviews soon. Positive reviews mean more sales. More sales mean more bucks.


Master Lock 2953AT is not that bad as an item for you to have. In fact, product’s description claimed that it is not for everyday use. It can last longer when taken cared responsibly. Yes, it may have flaws, but it’s fine. The item has a humble and descent design, however.

Moreover, having a winch for future use is better than having none at all. Once they improved more on this item, it will probably boost their sales performance.

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