MaxLife 719009 Antifreeze Review

There are a lot of brands that sell antifreeze in the market, but there is nothing more awesome than the Maxlife 719009 Antifreeze. This particular product was created for light-duty trucks and automobiles. It also contains Alugard Plus, an additive that will protect your engine from rust and other forms of corrosion. This antifreeze has a long formula life, which means that you can store it and expect it to be still usable after a long period of storage.

Through the help of Maxlife 719009, you get the protection that you need for your automobile during cold weathers without having to go through too much hassle. This is because the formulation of this antifreeze is compatible with all makes and models of vehicles. Thus, you do not have to check for every antifreeze label in the market just to check if it is suitable for the parts of your vehicle. Thanks to the versatility of this antifreeze, you can maintain all of your vehicles with just a single product.

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517PntIKDzL 2Provides Protection Against Boil Overs During Hot Weather and Freeze Ups During Colder Seasons

The Maxlife Antifreeze will really give your engine the protection that it needs so that it will be protected from any damage. Water is a good coolant, but it can cause corrosions if used alone. That’s why there should be antifreeze mixed in so that all of the engine’s parts will be protected. This will also allow your engine to work to its full potential. You will feel like your car is running like brand new. You don’t have to worry about your engine overheating because you have antifreeze that will make sure that it will still maintain regular temperatures.

Can Lubricate Seals and Gaskets

Every part of the engine has to run smooth, and that’s the reason why they need to be lubricated. If there’s no lubrication, there’s a tendency to cause friction. The increase in friction will result to malfunction.

The beauty about the Maxlife 719009 is that it can provide you with the benefits that you can find out of antifreeze but it also maintains proper lubrication of the engine parts. In this way, it enables the car owner to use the engine while improving its function and power output.

MaxLife 719009 Features and Specifications

  • Long Life Formula – With 5 Year 150,000-mile protection.
  • Has Alugard Plus – This is an additive that helps provide protection against rust.
  • Developed To Work With Light Trucks And All Vehicles

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MaxLife 719009 Ratings And Reviews

When it comes to choosing the best antifreeze in the market, you can never go wrong with Maxlife 719009. A lot of people who have used this have nothing but positive things to say about this product. One user said that his engine runs cooler after using this on his car. Another person also said that it also worked great on his car as well. This just goes to show that you can trust this product to work its magic on your engine.

Another good thing about this product is that you can use it on all makes and models of cars. There are certain antifreeze that are only catered for certain types of vehicles. The MaxLite 719009 has gotten a lot of good feedback that reviewers score it a 9/10.

Things To Improve

A lot of users considered the MaxLife 719009 such a good product that they haven’t found anything that needed improvement.  However, it’s still important that you have to regularly check your car to make sure that everything is running smoothly. It is recommended that you have to go through checks at least twice a year. Check it once before summer starts and do the same thing again before winter. Don’t forget to check the antifreezer level once in a while.

Make sure that your engine isn’t hot and is not running. Look at the amount of liquid inside the antifreeze/coolant container and see if the amount of liquid is within the full line or if it’s below the line. If it needs more antifreeze, you can add more at this point.


Your car engines need to be at the right temperature in order for it to work its full potential. However, there are certain factors that may affect it. The extreme heat of the summer and the freezing days of winter can also affect the performance of your engine. That’s why you need antifreeze or a coolant that will help regulate the temperature of your engine while making sure that it runs smoothly.

The MaxLife 719009 is one of the best antifreeze products that you can get in the market. Since it’s a Valvoline made product, you are assured that it is made from the best quality.

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