MeetLocks CNC Bike Pedals Review

The MeetLocks CNC bike pedals are worth the trade-off from typical plastic and nylon pedals. This high-quality bike pedal is made up of aluminum component with a concave shape body with brushed black finish.

Each MeetLocks CNC bike pedal has a weight of 206 grams, and has a dimension of 12 cm (long) x 10.5 cm (wide) x 1.8 cm (height).  It comes with three bearings for a better grip and a sturdier pedal platform.

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81pmOuQzoELAluminum Body Bike Pedals With Chromo CNC Machined 9/16-Inch Screw Spindle

The pedal’s body is made up of aluminum that makes the platform sturdier and tougher.  This is perfect on rocky and uneven surfaces so the user will no longer have uneasy feeling of breaking the pedal on hard obstacles. The aluminum bike pedals are easy to install in just five minutes.

The axle durability of this is proven and tested in the market with its chromo CNC-machined 9/16 inch spindle. Though it is heavier compared to the typical ones out there, it ensures great and astounding grip even at the most difficult obstacles. This pedal is suitable for any type of bikes including mountain bikes.

Concave Shape Bike Pedals for Effective Pedaling

The unique shape and color of the pedal makes it more interesting in the eyes of customers. These features will add an elegant look to any bike once installed. Hence, the concave shape of the pedal also delivers a comfortable and non-slip biking experience to every bike enthusiast.

It also eliminates weariness and feet-ache even after biking miles away.  The biker can have a total control to the pedals even it is not a clip-type. Moreover, the three sealed bearings of the bike pedal also ensure the durability of the spindle while moving. It is one of the friendly-user biker pedals available in the market.

MeetLocks CNC Bike Pedals Features & Specifications

  • High quality CNC pedals with three replaceable sealed bearings
  • Elegant and sophisticated design with its concave platform and brushed black aluminum body finish
  • Effective pedaling experience with its axle durability and concave shape platform
  • Dimension of the pedal is 12 cm (long) x 10.5 cm (wide) x 1.8 cm (height) and it has a weight of 206 grams per piece
  • Easy to install in just a snap with its 16 mm wrench. This can all be done in just five minutes.

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MeetLocks CNC Bike Pedals Reviews

A lot of good feedbacks are posted online about this product and based on our assessment, this is one of the worthiest to trade-off from typical plastic and nylon pedals. We give this item a score of 7.5. Not bad for those who want to experience a more stable and sturdy platform pedal.

One of the reviews posted online said that he was in awe after unboxing the MeetLocks CNC bike pedal. The design is neat and it has a very sophisticated and classy appearance that every biker will love to have. There was another review that mentioned how he loves how quick it is to be installed in the bike. He did not experience any difficulty installing the bearing and pedals to his bike.

The last notable review posted online was the solidity of the platform. The user said that he feels a solid platform wherever he goes. He also added that the MeetLocks CNC pedals gave much comfort and less hassle biking experience when travelling from one place to multiple places.

Things to Improve

We assessed the pros and cons of this bike pedal and there are minor areas that require overhaul for a better bike pedal production in the future. The number one area is the excessive torque application. Users might experience pins getting loose because of the stripped thread holes.

The other area that we think requires change is the heavy weight of the pedals. The 206 grams per piece of the bike pedals is too heavy for its weight. We think MeetLocks can do better pedals with the same high quality of durability while maintaining its light weight. Nonetheless, this bike pedal offers promising features and it will surely give a better grip for every bike lover.


It is the MeetLocks CNC bike pedal that sets a high standard for all bike pedal brands when it comes to durability and long term usage. The aluminum component of its body, sealed bearings, plus the sophisticated brushed black finish and concave shape of the bike pedals make it one of the best available in the market.

You can check more reviews about the best mountain bike pedals to give your more information in choosing the best pedal for your bike.

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