Meetlocks Road Bike Pedal Review

Meetlocks Bike Pedal is a top-quality pair of pedals made of magnesium alloy. It has super light platform but strong framework, which could ensure longer yet more comfortable ride. The pedals are designed for pedaling efficiency and smooth ride. Besides the injection magnesium-alloy body, Meetlocks also made it possible to add ultra sealed bearings.

The pedals have multiple stud-like pins, which offer extra grip to your feet. You may even replace these and use as many as you need. Even after months of usage, the reflectors would not fall off. Besides its complete range of functionality, the product is easy to install as well.

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510jC9e8TvLFlat Pedals for Major Mountain Biking

Meetlocks offers you the best opportunity to improve your mountain biking skills with flat pedals. As proven by experts, flat pedals would help you identify factors that make you incapable of enhancing your skills. Through the pedaling system, you could quickly establish your fundamental abilities.

Getting the perfect balance would be provided by Meetlocks pedals. It would prevent your front wheel to wash out in steering. Through the flat pedaling system, you could get used to weighting the bike with your feet flat, making you more balanced. This will give you a smoother ride with your legs straight, which is best for smooth landscape.

Besides the balance, Meetlocks would help you get that sense of protection. You could put your foot down if you feel you are about to crash. You no longer have to clip out as well given circumstances of possible tip-over.

Magnesium for High-Quality Pedals

There are several reasons why Meetlocks decided to add magnesium in the alloy body of its pedals. Primarily, it is about the light weight of the material. Magnesium is basically two-thirds of the actual weight of aluminum and a quarter of steel. Besides, magnesium has an undeniable superior strength, great resistance to overuse, and high damping capacity. It could complement aluminum well.

Magnesium is highly resistant to denting, which is the reason why even automotive panels are made of it. Additionally, the substance is environment-friendly and free of toxic materials.

Meetlocks Bike Pedal Features and Specifications

The pedals are available in two color options, which are titanium and black. Its dimensions are 125 millimeters by 105 millimeters by 22 millimeters. For every piece, you would have a net weight of estimated 200 grams. Besides the pedals, the package includes three pieces of ultra sealed bearing and Cr-Mo CNC machined 9/16 inch screw thread spindle.

Given below are the top features of the product:

  • Superior Quality – The pedals are made to resist harsh conditions and strenuous bike trainings. The high-quality product is super light but resistant enough to damaging factors.
  • Long-Ride Comfort – You do not have reasons to put a halt in your touring since the pedals are made more comfortable with four inches by four inches hollow shape. This will give you not only ease in cycling but also more effective pedaling.
  • Replaceable Pins – The pins available with the pedals are made to provide extra grip. These ensure you would not be at risk of falling while keeping your feet flat.
  • The materials making up the pedals are surely resistant from corrosion, rust, and dent – This means that even in mountain biking, it could well be used.
  • High-Quality Reflectors – You do not need to change the reflectors every now and then even after months of usage.
  • Easy Installation – You may replace your old pedals without the need to bring your bicycle to a shop.

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Meetlocks Bike Pedal Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 9 out of 10.

Most of the product reviews are positive, proving how well received the pedals are. According to most, the new pedals still work smoothly even after months of harsh riding conditions. As guaranteed, the pedals give the proper grip on the footwear even while climbing. The wide size of the pedals is also commended by existing users, which according to them, assisted in keeping their feet positioned easily.

Though the reflectors appeared to be made of plastic, many were impressed that these are very firm and do not fall off. The price of the product is also considered very reasonable for the high quality it offers.

Things to Improve

Most of the complaints centered on possible manufacturing defect, which affected the quality of left pedals. According to the critical reviews, their left pedals were broken after short rides. Moreover, there are others who suggested solving the creaking sound when pedaling.


Meetlocks Bike Pedal is a completely satisfying product based on its features and support from pleased customers. Despite providing high-performance components, it is still offered at a very reasonable value. Besides, it works as intended, and the problems encountered by others may have only been due to manufacturing defects.

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