Midland 18-2442 CB Antenna Review

Midland is a world-renowned distributor and manufacturer of electronic equipment and products. They sell CB radios, coax cables, and antennas. Out of all of these items, their top-selling product is the 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna.

The Midland 18-2442 is a center-load magnetic antenna that has a 17-7 stainless steel rod and a 15-foot cable. Its purpose is to give better transmission of communications, allowing you to send and to receive messages clearly. Furthermore, it is connected to the cable and connector and is compatible with almost all CB radios. No wonder it is dubbed as the best CB radio antenna on the market.

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An Antenna That Has All the Features You Need

The 18-2442 mobile antenna is the only radio aerial that features a relief spring system. Its purpose is to keep the rod steady and to prevent whip damage. Moreover, the base is covered in plastic instead of a rubber material. In that way, you can prevent rusting and install it on your vehicle.

The aerial has also been pre-wired and is easy to tune. You simply need to adjust the screw to set the tuning. This is why many people like this item.

An Antenna That Lets You Install the System by Yourself

Apart from that, there are other features that this product has to offer. First is the simple tuning system. Some CB radios require an expert to adjust the tuning. But the Midland Mobile CB Antenna doesn’t need the help of a professional tuner. You simply need to loosen or tighten the screw to set the tuning. Because it doesn’t need a professional, you can assemble the antenna by yourself. You simply need to put the platform on the metal surface of your vehicle, and then connect the necessary wires.

Midland 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna Features and Specifications

There are other functions and benefits that this product has to offer apart from the things mentioned above. These features make the mobile antenna durable and reliable. Below are the components of the 18-2442 Antenna.

  • Heavy-duty Magnet – found at the base of the radio aerial and keeps the rod steady and in place, even if the road is rough or there’s a strong wind
  • Rubber Seal – covers the magnetic part of the base to prevent damaging the car painting
  • 2-Mile Range – allows you to still reach those who are 2 miles away from you
  • Flexible – works well with an array of CB radios
  • Affordable – cheaper than other CB aerial brands that offer the same range and features
  • Easy Tuning System – lets you set the tune by yourself by simply turning the screw to adjust it

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Midland 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna Reviews

Considering the number of positive and negative reviews that it gets, we give 8 out of 10 approval rating. There’s a reason why we give this score. But first, let’s discuss its strong points.

Many people are satisfied with the performance of this CB radio antenna. One of the reviewers said that it is the radio aerial that he’s been looking for a long time.

Another buyer said that it is the antenna that performs exactly what he needs. He even recommended it to all CB radio users like him.

But the best thing about this antenna is the reach. Although it is intended for urban activities and communities, you can use it in the middle of the woods. According to one of the users, he’s been using the Midland Antenna for long trips and hunting. He said he was never disappointed in buying this item.

Things to Improve

Though known to be the best radio antenna on the market, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Like other products, a few people have some issues about this tool.

One of the issues is the tuning system. Some users don’t like the idea of DIY tuning. Others love it but can’t get the antenna tuned.

Another issue is the whip. Yes, it features a spring system that reduces rod damage. However, it gets rusty if you don’t maintain it well.

However, these are only minor issues. You simply need to take care of it if you want to use the antenna for a long time. As for the tuning system, you can get other Midland CB aerials or have it replaced with a new set.


Midland 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna is considered to be the best radio aerial on the market. It is the only product that features a relief spring system to reduce whip damage. Furthermore, it boasts a plastic cover that works on all types of vehicles and prevents rusting.

Despite its outstanding features, it still has some flaws. However, it won’t affect the performance of the antenna, as long as you take good care of it.

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