Might-D-Light LED130, LED Rechargeable Gray Folding Worklight Review

Cooper Lighting has set to become one of the leading innovators of light fixtures in the market. Reflective of this mission is their Might-D-Light LED130 Worklight, which make a user’s task easier and more efficient under light-deficient environments. What this unit mainly offers is reliable illumination as it can deliver 15 watts of light with its LED technology, which is sufficient to make low light settings bright enough to conduct repairs.

This unit features Ni-Mh batteries as its power source. These batteries are rechargeable and can last up to two hours per charge. With the AC and DC adapters that come with this worklight, charging the unit will not be a problem.

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514XZhrcIYL 2Convenient Partner for Working on Light-Deficient Settings

The Might-D-Light LED130 can be used to work indoors or outdoors where there is no other bright lighting available for use. Even so, it can be used to illuminate areas where light fixtures on the wall or the ceiling cannot irradiate. The unit comes in a portable and foldable design that features a friction tension hinge that can be adjusted anywhere between 0 to 200 degrees. Through this, it can stand on its own as you work under a sink, a hood, or in other areas situated under structures. Another aspect of the design is the nylon swivel, which enables you to work hands-free since it allows the worklight to rotate up to 360 degrees for effective illumination in one-person jobs.

The unit is constructed with neodymium magnets to allow for secure mounting on metal surfaces such as metal shelving, tool chest, metal table, file cabinets, and many others without the need to pre-install permanent mounting hardware.

Powered by Lasting LED Lights with Bright Output

The Might-D-Light LED130 delivers 15 watts of light output with its 80 LED lights that do not only last long but also produce bright illumination as a 60-watt incandescent bulb does. At this bright output, the worklight does not waste energy, instead, it is efficient in providing the necessary illumination. Heat production would not be a problem since this light emits less heat than its halogen light counterparts do. Additionally, this unit is also suitable for applications other than repairing things in light-deficient settings. It features reflective strips to make sure that the user is visible in roadways to guarantee safety.

Might-D-Light LED130 Features and Specifications

  • Cordless rechargeable 80 LEDs light- for continuous power source; long lifespan
  • Comes with AC and DC charging adapters- for hassle-free charging
  • Nylon swivel hook- to allow for hands-free working in one-man jobs
  • Easy Grip Cushioned Handle- for convenient and solid grip
  • Reflective strips- for improved visibility on the roadside
  • Integrated neodymium magnets- for mounting on to metal surfaces such as doors, car hoods, cabinets, etc.
  • Power Source- Nickel Metal Hydride
  • 2-hour battery life- for long runtime per charge
  • Has Polycarbonate lens
  • Lightweight- 2.5 pounds for easy carrying
  • Dimensions- 7.3 x 7.5 x 10.5 inches for compactness

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Might-D-Light LED130 Customer Reviews and Ratings

The Might-D-Light LED130 has gotten quite a number of feedback with its 409+ reviews. Evaluating what customers had to say as well as our assessment of the quality and features of this unit, we give it a  rating of 8.4/10 stars.

Many customers had good things to say about this worklight. As a matter of fact, one customer described it as one of the best tools he has ever purchased. According to him, he was always working in settings with low light. He was supposed to buy a crawl light, but he ended up purchasing this unit upon seeing the ads for it and researching it. Upon using it in a crawl space, he was amazed at how bright it was. He also found the magnetic back and the nylon swivel hook handy.

Things to Improve

The Might-D-Light LED130 also has its flaws, which are existent in any tool. One setback that a customer commented on was the battery. He said that he would have gladly paid an additional amount to the price could it have been a lithium ion battery that lasted for over 15000 hours of use in its lifespan. He said that with the Nickel metal hydride battery, the light could only produce up to 5000+ hours of illumination. Still, that is a long lifespan for a worklight. Other than this, the customer had so much more good things to say about this product.

This minor flaw is surely something the manufacturer could improve, but other than this, the quality, long life, and bright output of the Might-D-Light LED130 is not something that can be dwarfed by its shortcomings.


The Might-D-Light LED130 delivers bright illumination for any light-deficient setting such as under the sink or car hood. Its features that allow for hands-free use make it even more convenient, especially when working alone. With the overall quality of this light, it makes for a great addition to your toolkit.

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