Miller Electric 907135016 TIG Welder Review

The Miller Maxstar 150 is a great TIG welder option for those who are looking for versatile and portable welding machine that works suitably with different materials. This machine is useful even for small welding projects because you can easily switch welding approaches between TIG and stick on the STL 150 interface.

This welder is an inverter-base which weighs about 13.7 pounds thus, it is one of the most portable TIG welder you’ll find in the market. Added features like the handle and adjustable shoulder straps make the unit much easier to carry around as you work with ease and convenience.

On top of all these, this welder is built to last for a long time especially with its Thermal Overload Protection feature where the engine is protected even if the duty cycle is exceeded and the air is blocked.

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Auto-Line Power Management Technology

Auto-line power management technology allows you to control the primary power and this result to better weld quality and uninterrupted production. Even when you experience fluctuations in primary power, you are guaranteed to have a steady arc.

This feature also allows universal location flexibility since you can directly connect to almost all kinds of input power from 115-575 VAC.

The Miller Maxstar 150, because of its power management technology, lets you have exceptional electrical productivity, so expect lower utility bills and increase possibilities for rebates.


One very useful feature of Miller Maxstar 150 is its portability. This welder only weighs about 13.7 pounds. It also comes with a shoulder strap so you can easily carry it for work in multiple locations without the need to use a cart.

It has a compact and close-packed design which improves the portability and eliminates the need for unwanted cable clutter as well as lead extensions.

Miller Electric 907135016 Features and Specifications

  • Fan-on-Demand cooling system – When the system senses that the machine is getting hot, it is activated. When this happens it reduces the energy consumption as well as pollutants and noise produced from the unit.
  • Multi-voltage plug – lets you connect to either 115V or 230V power receptacles without the need for support from any tools.
  • Auto-line technology – lets you connect to 115-230 VAC
  • Adaptive hot start – there is an enhancement in the output amperage during the beginning of welding. This feature also inhibits the conductor from generating an inclusion.
  • Wind tunnel technology – keeps the electrical mechanisms and PC board free from dirt.
  • Accurate amperage control – helps regulate welds especially in thin surfaces. This is done through a remote control.
  • Life-Arc technology – you can weld with a frequency higher than the standard
  • Welding Amp range high – 20-150 A
  • Welding Amp range low – 20-70 A
  • Welding range (Amps DC) – 115V: 20-100 230V: 20-150

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Miller Electric 907135016 Reviews

Miller Maxstar 150 is one of the leading welder machines that is why it has an editorial rating of 8 out of 10. People who have used this device are amazed at how portable it is. Consumers claimed that they can easily carry it with them wherever they go, unlike other welder machines where they would usually need a cart to push it around.

Users also noted that they don’t need to worry about where to plug the device since it can be connected to 120-240 volt receptacles. Users appreciate that the machine has Thermal Overload Protection since this prevents damage to the machine allowing it to have longer life span. This feature safeguards the engine even if it goes over the duty cycle or if the air is blocked.

The majority of users noticed that they no longer experience the annoying breaker tripping since this is avoided due to the Power Factor Corrected feature.

Things to Improve

Despite having all useful features, there are some individuals who don’t like the limited materials that this device can weld. For instance, it can’t weld aluminum. But even with this minor complaint, they are still happy with their purchase since they are able to utilize all the features and enjoy the benefits of having a very portable welder machine.


The Miller Maxstar 150 is built with portability as the main feature to be highlighted. You can seldom find any other welder that only weighs 13.7 pounds. It even has a handle and adjustable straps so you can make necessary modifications to make it suitable to your liking.

With this machine, you can work with any projects without having to worry about nuisance breaker tripping because it has Power Factor Corrected feature and this ensures the finest performance on 120 volts.

Because of its portability and versatility, the Miller Maxstar 150 is a product to beat. No other welder brands can surpass what this product has to offer especially when it comes to portability.

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