Milwaukee 2735-20 M18 LED Worklight Review

There are different models of worklights out there, and it has their respective functionality which made it unique from each other. The Milwaukee 2735-20 M18 LED Worklight is one of those products that are not only serving its convenience as a worklight but is also unique when it comes to its specifications – making it a very wise purchase to some people who need one in their workshop and garages.

Worklights are known to provide the perfect efficiency when lighting up a certain area in the dark in order to guarantee a better ease of vision. Therefore, you can say that these worklights serve as a very useful tool for garages, some vehicles depending on the type of model. It has even helped other people in their workshops whenever they do their work as a hobbyist, and some even love to use it when going on an adventure – if the worklight is smaller.

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41WB2NICUHL 2A Light So Durable and Strong

The Milwaukee 2735-20 is guaranteed to be very convenient for your needs in the workshop because it is a LED light that’s extremely strong. The light has 160 lumens installed in it – making it a very effective tool for lighting up wide areas. The product also comes with a reflector in order to provide a bigger beam once the light is lit. This makes the tool perfect for lighting up a whole work table with ease, and to clearly see a specific area as well.

Easy to Use!

It’s also very easy to use thanks to the integrated hook that’s included in Milwaukee 2735-20. This feature helps you place the worklight with ease, so then you can do work with both hands if needed be. You can even adjust the hook upwards and downwards to provide light in certain areas, plus you can even hold it if you want it to be a portable worklight. It’s the most convenient feature that you can ever see in a product, and a lot of customers love it!

Milwaukee 2735-20 Specifications and Features

  • A Bright Light – with the 160 lumens LED light that it has, expect that this tool will be a great purchase that you need for the workshop thanks to the strong white light that it has.
  • Professionally Designed – The product is meant for professionals like you because it has a reflector that comes with an electronic package. This feature provides a longer beam that’s not harmful to the eyes. This guarantees a wider range of light once you turn it on.
  • Made of Aluminum – the worklight is made up of aluminum in order to provide utmost durability against weather conditions. It’s also great for resisting various impacts whenever it falls down on the ground, or when it hits something. The aluminum quality is placed at the light’s head part.
  • Shock Resistant – The worklight has a shock resistant handle which gives more durability against weather conditions and damage thanks to its high-quality materials.
  • Integrated Hook – The hook is where the worklight can be placed for utmost convenience whenever you need to use the product while working on tasks with your two hands.
  • Warranty – The more features, the better! A 5-year warranty is included for emergency purposes, and to save more money!
  • Batteries Requires – It requires a battery for it to work. Batteries are not included in the product.

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Milwaukee 2735-20 Reviews

Many customers found out that the Milwaukee 2735-20 is a very convenient tool for their needs. It was able to gather 105 reviews with a rating of 9.8 out of 10. There are a lot of customers who found the integrated hook as a nifty feature to have, and majority of the customers were those who are working in a garage as a hobbyist.

One customer said that the product is not that large, but it’s very easy to use especially when working without the need to hold the light. The hook is one of the best additions that the customer noticed in the product, and he also said that the LED lights are just right for his preferences.

The product was said to be very convenient budget-wise and feature-wise for a certain customer within the reviews. He loved how it helped him work much more properly on his work table. He was able to notice the durability that the product has and realized that it would take years before he can replace the product –a sign of a convenient product indeed.

Things to Improve

If there are some things to improve to the Milwaukee 2735-20, it should be the batteries. However, there are chargeable batteries that you can purchase in hardware stores if you prefer it that way. Aside from it, the light was said to be insufficient when using it over wide workshops and worktables.


With the nifty features that the Milwaukee 2735-20 has, expect that it’s worth keeping in the worktable. However, it’s more advisable to use it on worktables that are not that wide in order to maximize its potential as an efficient worklight for your needs.

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