Milwaukee 2790-20 Jobsite Radio Review

The Milwaukee 2790-20 Jobsite Radio is known for their power tools and hand tools. Over the years, they started developing accessories or other needs that further ease or enlighten the daily work of people. With this, they have begun making job site radios as well.

Milwaukee 2790-20 Job Site Radio is made of shock absorbing ABS polymer and steel construction. Due to its make, it can withstand rain, dust, dirt or even falls. It has three handles, one on each side and another on top for secure grip. It has three-fourths inch tweeters and a pair of four-inch poly woofers which produce a very accurate, clear, loud sound with rich and low bass as well as low distortion. It has both built-in AM and FM radio. It also has an auxiliary mode, compatible with both iPod and MP3 players.

This review’s purpose is to inform you completely on what you have to know about Milwaukee 2790-20 Job Site Radio, its features, specifications and what other customers liked or disliked about the product. Let’s begin with its primary and important features.

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Radio and Auxiliary

Besides its built-in AM/FM digital radio, people can also use Milwaukee 2790-20 Job Site Radio Auxiliary, and play their music from their iPods and MP3. But you don’t need to worry about your gadgets in the worksite because the Milwaukee has its weather sealed storage compartment where you can place your phone, iPod or MP3 and connect it to the auxiliary.

This job site radio also has ten rubberized preset buttons surrounding its backlight digital display where you can view the time, the number of the track playing or the current station on the radio.

Speakers and Power Source

The Milwaukee 2790-20 Job Site Radio has 3/4 inch tweeters and a pair of four-inch poly woofers. These speakers make a very accurate and clear sound with a rich and low bass. Noted by other customers, it also has little distortion. This job site radio also has a powerful 40-watt amplifier which is up to six times more than the job site radios of Milwaukee competitors.

A unique feature of Milwaukee 2790-20 Job Site Radio is its AC/DC Versatility, and it can be powered by different Milwaukee batteries like M12, M18, V18, M28, Ni-Cd 12V to 28V and of course, through an AC outlet.

Milwaukee 2790-20 Features & Specs

Including the two features of the product presented above, here is the complete list of Milwaukee 2790-20 Job Site Radio

  • AM/FM Tuner with Digital Processor
  • 3/4 inches tweeters and 4-inch poly woofers
  • 40 Watt amplifiers
  • Weather sealed auxiliary compartment that will protect your iPod or MP3
  • Made with shock absorbing ABS polymer and Steel construction which enables it to handle great use and abuse
  • AC/DC Versatility
  • Can be powered by Milwaukee M12, M18, V18, M28, Ni-Cd 12V to 28V, and AC outlet
  • With built-in bottle opener for your bottled drinks in the job site
  • Durable cord wraps in the back of the radio to store the AC cord
  • Comes with its auxiliary cable inside the weather sealed auxiliary compartment
  • Weighs 16.4 pounds – Dimensions of 21.2 x 11.6 x 10.4 inches

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Milwaukee 2790-20 Reviews

From the 163 + customers who have reviewed Milwaukee 2790-20 Job Site Radio, 57% gave the product five stars (at the time of this writing). Therefore, it garners our editor rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Most customers have praised the quality of sound that Milwaukee 2790-20 can produce. They said that it was loud, with no distortions even in ¾ volume. Another customer has even stated that he could hear its sound even from 15 to 20 feet away. Another has praised that it was pretty convenient that it allows any M-series Milwaukee battery.

Customers have also noted that it was indeed rugged with its ABS polymer and steel construction and have found that the storage compartment for iPods and MP3 served a great plus to the product.

Things to Improve

From the few customers who were a bit disappointed with the product, there were two main reasons why they rated the product below average. One of it is that the radio reception is average. Although most of these reviews have praised the sound quality, they remain firm that the radio reception of the product is indeed average. Another reason, which is usually heard for job site radios is that it is bulky and cumbersome. Weighing 16.4 pounds, it may seem heavy for a lot of people. But with this weight, the job site radio remains sturdy.


Milwaukee 2790-20 Jobsite Radio, created by a company who are mainly makers of power and hand tools, is an excellent product with outstanding sound quality, with its rich, clear and loud sound repeatedly praised by its customers. Its durability cannot be questioned as well due to its ABS polymer make and weather sealed compartment for your gadgets. Other consumers have praised its AC/DC versatility and its ability to use any M-series Milwaukee batteries. All in all, the product has earned 4.6 over five stars from its consumers, and we agree with this rating. Do check out other job site radio reviews!

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