Milwaukee 6519-31 Sawzall Kit Review

The Milwaukee 6519-31 Sawzall contains one of the most heavy-duty motors we have seen in the market today with a 12 amp muscle power that operates at a 3000 rpm.

This speed allows a more seamless and accurate cut through any type of material every single time with less effort. Other valuable features worth mentioning is its gear protecting clutch that minimizes the problem of blade lock-ups, and its counter-weight mechanism that lessens the vibration rate for a more precise cut. Any type of craftsman would surely enjoy working with this baby.


12 Amp Motor And 3000 Rpm Cutting Power

The Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Sawzall is a portable power saw that is designed to cut through humongous heavy demolition like cutting jobs with no hassle. This fast monstrous-like saw’s secret is its 12 Amp muscle power that can variably speed up to 3000 rpm or strokes per minute. It can slash through any type of material while providing maximum cutting edge every single use.

This is actually one of the fastest that you will ever find in the market today. And this is the reason why this is considered to be among the top selling ones in this category. Speaking of speed, this brings us to the next feature.

The High Speed Cutting Stroke

Aside from its impressive motor power this portable reciprocating power saw other secret of its heavy duty performance is its high speed cutting mechanism. According to its specification this power tool can perform one up to one eight inch stroke length which helps in maximizing its cutting speed capability. So expect a high speed cutting performance every time you use it.

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Other Important Product Specifications To Look Out For

Another factor that you should expect and watch out from Milwaukee 6519-31 Reciprocating Saw Kit is its other added feature. Its other product specifics are actually some of the note worthy features that this power tool can deliver that no other reciprocating saw can give you.

  • The Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Sawzall have incorporated in it a gear protecting clutch which extends its gear and motor life by absorbing high amount forces due to blade lock ups.
  • It is installed with top of the class counter weight mechanism which ensures a reduced vibration for smoother cutting experience.
  • Its QUIK-LOK blade clamp gives efficient, tool free blade changing.

Milwaukee 6519-31 Sawzall Reviews

According to some power tools and saw reviews that the Milwaukee 6519-31 have gathered throughout myriads of forum about it online, most customers are pleased with its capacity to render heavy duty cutting performance. They love how this easily portable contraption manage to perform what other humongous power saw performs. Lots of veteran workshop owners in the forums that we have visited gives strong recommendations about the product, according to them this astonishing portable reciprocating power saw can cut through almost all types of material, regardless of how difficult the spot is like butter.

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The Milwaukee 6519-31 is undeniably a portable reciprocating power saw that you want in your workshop. For many users as was previously established in the paragraphs above, it is so portable for such a heavy duty power tool. However if there is one negative quality, it will its conservative design.

Also, its pivoting shoe, according to a reviewer is not adjustable. According to him having a sound adjustable shoe is very necessary considering the amount of power that this king of heavy duty can produce. For him having such mechanism included in a power tool improves its quality of precision in every project that needs cutting.

But aside from that, we did not see any other notable negative reviews about this product so far.


Based on our objective observation of the product as well as with the generous inputs that customers made with the forums about the Milwaukee 6519-31 Sawzall, if we are going to rate it from one to ten we would give this product a nine. After all this portable reciprocating power saw is considered to be one of the best Sawzall that you will see in the market. After all, Milwaukee as a brand is known for their state of the art technology which they apply in every tool that they create.

This particular power tool went out and beyond the customers’ expectations and has provided many users and workshop owners with multiple uses for it. We would have given it a perfect score if only they have manage to include in its entire design a simple shoe adjuster which would produce more accurate cutting advantage.

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