MILWAUKEE M12 Heated Jacket Large Review

MILWAUKEE is renowned for their high-quality products to which the MILWAUKEE M12 Heated Jacket is not an exception. This jacket delivers a quality feel to it apart from its excellent fit and finish. The design of this jacket is well thought of, as it provides just what the wearer needs—comfort, protection, power boost, and storage.

The jacket features carbon fiber heating components that deliver a reliable amount of heat to the core areas of the body as well as in the pockets to keep your hands warm as you insert them. These heating elements ensure that you stayed comfortable and protected whether you are doing on or off job site tasks under the cold and harsh weather conditions.

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Superior Design Both When Heated and Not

The MILWAUKEE M12 is designed to deliver better heat retention. Its outer shell is rugged enough to resist wind and water from entering the jacket. It is lined with a thermal fleece lining to keep cold from penetrating while holding in heat effectively.

This improves the overall insulation capability of the jacket so that you can maximize the warmth you get. This is translated into reducing the need for putting on multiple layers of clothing just to get more heat.

As you turn on the heating function of the jacket, you can choose from three different temperature settings to provide you the right amount of warmth you need. You can choose from high, medium, and low, depending on how low the current environmental temperature is and what level of warmth you need and prefer. The heating function is distributed across the adjustable heat zones, which are located in the lower pockets as well as back and chest.

M12 REDLITHIUM Technology

The MILWAUKEE M12 can reach a heated runtime of up to 6 hours using the M12 REDLITHIUM battery. This is possible with a single charge only. The M12 battery module can be fully recharged in just 30 minutes, which means less time for the battery on the charger and more wear time for the jacket.

There is a dedicated battery holster in the jacket to accommodate the M12. Besides heating the jacket, you can also use it to deliver a power boost to some of your portable electronic gadgets by routing it to the battery.

MILWAUKEE M12 Features & Specifications 

  • Durable heating elements – made of carbon fiber for optimal heat distribution through the core areas of the body and the hands
  • Three (3) Level Heat settings – High, medium, and low; adjustable heat levels per zone to provide the right warmth to the hands, chest, and upper back
  • Rough construction – Water and wind resistant polyester with thermal fleece lining for weather insulation and improved heat retention
  • Power Source – M12™ REDLITHIUM™ Battery
  • Heated Runtime – reaches up to 6 hours on just a single charge
  • Charging Time – can be as short as 30 minutes
  • Battery Holster – comes with a battery fuel gauge along with a built-in USB port to allow for charging of portable gadgets

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MILWAUKEE M12 Reviews & Ratings

The MILWAUKEE M12 is yet to receive more customer reviews with its current received feedback amounting to just 12+. With this number, we considered what the customer had to say about the product while we make our assessment. Thus, we came to give it a rating of 9.2/10 stars.

Almost all of the reviewers of this jacket were satisfied with their purchase. One customer was quite impressed with it for its reliable heat function. He added that the outer shell of the jacket did, in fact, cut out the wind and water.

Another customer said that the MILWAUKEE M12 was the one he preferred over his heated jacket that came from a popular brand. This is because the former is thicker just like what he prefers and needs. He added that this jacket also heats up quickly. A year after his purchase, he said that this jacket is still highly recommendable after all the time that has passed.

Things to Improve

The MILWAUKEE M12 has its minor flaws just like other heated apparel. One customer commented that he wished it had a hooded option and better warmth coverage for the hands. He also added that the design could have provided more coverage on the chest and back.

Another customer expressed that the entire purchase could have been the best value for him if the battery were included. Other than these preferential comments, which are minor flaws about the product, the jacket is a good piece of apparel that will provide good protection and comfort in the cold weather.


The MILWAUKEE M12 is a reliable heated jacket both with and without using its heating function. It is suitable for both on and off jobsite tasks because of its improved weather resistance and heat retention. With its overall quality and superior design, it is a recommendable addition to anyone’s closet.

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