MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-2R Jeep Lift Kit Review

Another leveling kit that is out in the market is the MotoFab Rear Leveling Kit. This is the perfect system for the high-end cars like the models of Sierra GMC. The thing that you will like about this kit is its capacity to give a lift of up to 3 inches on the front and 2 inches at the rear end.

You will also find the installation guide of this very easy to follow. MotoFab provided easy-to-follow steps so that even beginners can follow it without any complications. The system is ready to be used within only 2 hours of installation. This is indeed fast compared to other leveling kit systems.

Another great thing about this is that you don’t need any coil disassembly in order to make it work. The front spacers are also something to boast about.

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CNC-machine Front Spacers

One of its main highlights is the front spacer. These spacers are CNC-machined in order to deliver efficient leveling. It is made of billet aluminum that makes it really durable and resilient. You must note that devices made from aluminum are ensured to withstand pressure and force. This is why many consumers are searching for this kind of devices.

The front spacers have the capacity to lift the front into up to 3 inches. It can already be compared with other high-calibre leveling kits in the market. If you are looking for a very efficient rear leveling kit, you will never go wrong with the MotoFab Lifts. This part is also coated with a matte black powder in order to give it a professional look.

The fabricated blocks are also remarkable, together with the long U-bolts. You will surely get the most out of the MotoFab Lifts. Cast iron is already being outdated because of these fabricated blocks. Another purpose of the coating is to make it last for a very long time.

Anodized Billet

MotoFab is known to be the best provider of leveling kits for most of the 2007-2016 cars. Leveling is entirely different from suspensions. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the components.

The billet of MotoFab Lifts is made from durable anodized black aluminum for added efficiency and durability. Some colors would be lost, but it is common for anodized aluminum. The important thing is that it can deliver added performance in the leveling process.

Anodized aluminum is considered the best metal finish. This is what MotoFab Lifts is talking about. It undergoes an electromechanical process in order to toughen the material. The finished product would result to the second hardest metal on earth. You know now why MotoFab Lifts are considered as one of the notorious leveling kits available in the market.

MotoFab Lifts Features & Specifications

  • Lifts up to 3 inches on the front and up to 2 inches at the rear end.
  • CNC-machined aluminum – this feature ensures that you will have a tough material for your rear leveling needs.
  • Black Powder coating – it is used to make your device last longer. It also serves as an external protection from rust and corrosion.
  • Anodized billet – the aluminum billet is anodized in order to produce a really durable metal.
  • Installation – the installation process would only take 2 hours to be accomplished.
  • Lifetime warranty – you will be relieved to know that your product has a lifetime warranty.

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MotoFab Lifts Reviews

The MotoFab Lifts is considered as one of the most durable leveling kits in the market. It was given a rating of 8.5 out of 10 by most of the users. The majority of the reviews praise it for its durability. They also love the newly fabricated blocks that are really tough.

One of the users noted that he is using it for his GMC 2010 model. He praised the MotoFab Lifts for its remarkable performance. He noted that the angles are properly measured and positioned. Another user also noted that the billet is truly fabulous. He is very satisfied with its durability. He noted that he has been using it for 5 years already.

Another review highlighted the black powder finish of this device. He mentioned that it gives his car a very professional look. It matches with the color and the style as well.

Things to Improve

The MotoFab Lifts is undeniably an efficient device. Some users noted that the alignment should be improved. According to them, it sometimes exceeds the proper alignment. This issue is just a minor one because it can be resolved easily through proper calibration.

It is recommended that the maker of this leveling kit improve the adjustments for the proper alignment. Nonetheless, the MotoFab Lifts is still one of the best leveling kits out there.


The MotoFab Lifts is considered as the toughest and most durable rear leveling kit in the market. It can lift both the front and the rear end of 2006-2016 models of cars. If you are looking for a really tough device to accomplish the leveling needs of your rear, then it is time to check the MotoFab Lifts. Read the best Jeep lift kit reviews for more insights and information.

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