Neiko 00206A Torque Wrench Review

The Neiko 00206A is a ½ x 24-inch premium breaker bar torque wrench. This breaker bar is made of pure vanadium steel, which makes it one of the strongest torque wrench in the market. This material allows the Neiko 00206A to provide the maximum torque to its users.

The Neiko 00206A has a flexible head that can be rotated at 180° and can work at any and all angles. This will make reaching tight spots easier. This torque wrench has exceeded the ANSI standard, making it better than what you are expecting.

This Neiko 00206A is a torque wrench unlike any other. It’s a combination of strength, durability and functionality that will make it a staple in your tool box.

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24-Inch Vanadium Steel Handle

The Neiko 00206A is made of pure vanadium steel with no plastic parts. With the materials used, you can be sure that no tear and wear will come to your torque wrench even after years of using it.

The 24-inch handle allows its users to turn lug nuts and bolts without breaking a sweat. A great thing about the 24-inch shaft of the Neiko 00206A is that you can remove even the tightest and frozen bolts with little force. No matter how stubborn the bolts and nuts are on your car, the Neiko 00206A is guaranteed to help you loosen it.

You can use this torque wrench for tight spaces on your car, an example would be the wheel well. The long length of this wrench will really help you with spaces that you can’t get to before.

180-Degree Flexible Head

In addition to the long handle of the Neiko 00206A, it also has a 180° flexible head that allows you to reach in even tighter spaces. This adds versatility to your tool.

This torque wrench works at any angles that you might need it for. Other than helping you reach tight spaces, the flexible head also provides maximum leverage for you when you twist the wrench.

Neiko 00206A Features and Specifications

  • It has a 24-inch extra-long handle made of chrome vanadium steel. This handle provides you with maximum torque for minimum effort.
  • The ½-inch drive head is made of heat treated chrome-moly. This adds strength to your torque wrench and makes it more durable.
  • A 180° flexible head, which works at any angle to help you reach tight and secured places. This also helps in generating optimum leverage.
  • This torque wrench is ideal for loosening stuck bolts and nuts. The stuck bolts may be due to being frozen, rusting and other causes.
  • It has exceeded the ANSI standards set for torque wrench

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Neiko 00206A Reviews

The Neiko 00206A receive a very high editor rating of 9.4/10. This is because this torque wrench is one of the best. A lot of customers have praised it because it is an effective tool. According to some, this is, hands down, the best torque wrench to use for stuck bolts and nuts.

The long handle allows users to twist stuck bolts at little effort. One customer claimed that using this wrench is a no sweat endeavor.

The high quality of the material used is another good point for the Neiko 00206A. Many customers have used this torque wrench for a lot of years and it’s not showing any wear and tear yet. The vanadium steel is really a strong material for a torque wrench.

Another thing the customers liked is the wrench’s flexible head. It allowed them to reach the tightest parts of their cars and make maintenance efforts on them. Not a lot of wrenches has this feature and it makes the Neiko 00206A an indispensable tool in the garage.

Things to Improve

Almost all of the customers of Neiko 00206A are satisfied with the product. Thus, there is little complaint about it. One of those complaints is that the wrench broke easily. One speculation as to why this might have happened might be the wrong handling of the tool.

The vanadium steel material used in the Neiko 00206A ensures that this wrench is durable and can handle even the most stubborn bolts and nuts. It breaking easily might be on the user and not on the tool itself.


Overall, the Neiko 00206A is a great, must-have tool in your garage. If you are constantly having to deal with stuck bolts due to weather or rusting, then this is the tool to maintain your cars. It’s a good combination of durability and function.

Due to the length of the Neiko 00206A, it can reach tight spaces that no other wrench can. The combination of the length and its flexible head makes the Neiko 00206A an essential tool for maintaining your cars. If you want to know more about other torque wrenches, visit torque wrench reviews here.

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