Neiko 03713A Torque Wrench Review

The Neiko 03713A is a torque wrench with a dual range precision. It can measure both in ft.-lbs. or Nm. There will be a clicking sound when set value has been reached. This torque also offers an exceptional setting for low torque, which still delivers precise tension during delicate applications.

Reversible ratcheting is also available, which allows the ratchet head to wrench bolts and nuts in tight spots while still delivering exact torque.

It is made of chrome vanadium steel, which makes the Neiko 03713A one of the strongest and long lasting torque wrench available. It is designed to withstand the tests of time and the hardest of jobs. The chrome finish makes it look shiny and new even after a long time of using it.

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Precise Torque Tension and Is Easy-to-Use

The Neiko 03713A is a 3/8 inch, 5-80 ft.-lb or 6.8-108.5 Nm, adjustable torque wrench. It offers dual range precision so you can use both ft.-lbs. and Nm as a measure of torque. The audible click when you reach set value makes this wrench one for precision. You wouldn’t have to guess or to get another measuring material because this wrench can do it for you. You can get your desired torque setting with the Neiko 03713A.

This torque wrench is already pre-calibrated to +/- 4% accuracy and is ready to use. This torque wrench can measure from 5 to 80 ft.-lb. or 6.8 to 108.5 Nm.

It only weighs 2 lbs. which makes it easy to grip and use. The steel material guarantees that this wrench will last you a long time. The measurement system included is in inches.

Simple Torque Leveling

The Neiko 03713A comes with easy to understand and follow instructions. The torque levels are adjusted by twisting the handle until the desired torque level. The levels are indicated in the wrench shaft so it is easy to see. The shaft has detailed graduations so you will be able to see every micro adjustment that you do. There is a lock on the bottom of the wrench that allows you to lock in your tension.

The 3/8 inch head is compatible with any socket of the same size. The click you hear will alert you that you have reached your set torque values. The benefit of this function is that there will no longer be risks of over tightening because there is precision in the torque tension. There will also be less risk of damaging your components and materials because of this precision.

Neiko 03713A Features and Specifications

  • It offers two ranges for precision. One is in ft.-lbs and the other is in Nm.
  • A clicking sound will be heard when the pre-set torque levels have been reached allowing for very precise torque tensions.
  • Offers very low torque settings so it can be used even with delicate applications ensuring that all components will not be damaged.
  • Reversible ratcheting is available so you can use it in tight spots while still maintaining torque precision.
  • It comes pre-calibrated at +/- 4 percent accuracy. It is ready to use when you receive it.
  • This is a 14-inch long wrench which provides high torque with not much effort. It can loosen tough bolts at minimal exertion.wide orange

Neiko 03713A Reviews

The Neiko 03713A received an editor rating of 8/10. Many customers praised this product for the precise audible click. Some have used an electronic tension indicator and claimed that this one is very precise. Even after years of using it, the precision never slipped. The click is also loud enough that you won’t be able to miss it.

Another comment about the Neiko 03713A is that it is built solidly, which works wonderfully with a lot of projects. It will last a long time and is very handy. It delivers great value and is durable when in use.

Things to Improve

Many users commented about how weak the Neiko 03713A is. Some even commented that it broke in the middle of a project and that it just stopped working. This wrench is made of strong materials and does not easily get broken. If you want to use this for a long time, you have to take care of it.

Others already mentioned that they have used the Neiko 03713A for a long time and it gave them no problems at all. The precision is still spot on after years of using it.

One thing you can do to make sure your wrench lasts a long time is to bring it back to the lowest setting before you put it in storage. This will help lessen the strain on the springs and other materials inside the wrench.


The Neiko 03713A is a durable torque wrench that offers a precision setting of torque levels. The clicking sound when you have reached the desired levels of torque ensures that your work is exact and that no materials will be damaged when using this wrench. If you want to know more about other best torque wrenches, you can read here.wide orange