Nilight NI01A-36W Light Bar Review

The Nilight 7” 36w spot LED is a high-intensity LED light. It gives very bright and dependable spot beam for far distances to allow drivers to see the road very clearly even in the darkest hour of the night.

It can be used on any type of vehicle like jeeps, cars, SUVs, ATVs, cars, motorcycles, and boats or can also be used in cabins.

The Nilight spot LED has an IP67 rating. It is a heavy-duty light bar which is dustproof and waterproof. It is very durable. It has brackets that are quakeproof so it means it can withstand any natural harmful elements.

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Amazingly Bright

This light bar can produce an amazingly bright light. Nilight LED light bar gives out a beam of concentrated light to help drivers see the dark road ahead.

Aside from being a solution to dark roads, this light bar not only can be used for vehicles but also can be used for other purposes like construction lighting, garden lighting, and backyard lighting. This will totally give you the light you require for different scenarios and help you do the things needed to be done.

Nilight spot LED has a very effective way to dissipate heat. It is using a high-standard heat-conduction silicone gel. It has an aluminum alloy exterior which provides extra cooling effect to prolong the working life span of the light bar. Also, the glass surface is from quartz lens which helps in lowering the temperature. The extra cooling effect can also make the light brighter.

Durable and Heavy Duty

The Nilight LED is a very durable light bar. It is IP67-rated so it is dustproof and waterproof. It is waterproof even when submerged for 30 minutes to one meter of water.

This light bar can withstand any harsh elements and conditions with its very tough stainless steel bracket mounts, die-cast aluminum casing, and durable glass.

The side bracket firmly attaches the light bar on a steady position. Thus, it is quakeproof even on a rough road or rugged terrain. These brackets are also flexible and fully adjustable so you can adjust it freely.

Nilight NI01A-36W Features and Specifications

  • LED power is 36W (12 x 3W LED) with a spot beam quality
  • Very powerful heat dissipation system which prolongs the working life span of the light bar.
  • IP67 ratings: very durable housing; dustproof and very waterproof; can stay submerged under water up to one meter
  • Solid side bracket mounts can hold the light bar even in the roughest terrain
  • Working life span: over 30,000 hours
  • LED color temperature: 6000K–6500K

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Nilight NI01A-36W LED Reviews

The Nilight 7” 36w spot LED has received an Editor Rating of 8.8/10. Customers are really happy with the super bright light it provides.

One even commented that it is really bright as the sun.

Another happy customer said that it is also surprisingly cheap. He did not expect such great quality from this light bar since it is not really expensive at all. It can also be easily installed without any issues as described by one customer.

One very satisfied customer also said that he installed this on a zero-turn lawn mower for 60 hours and it worked perfectly without any burnt bulb or mounting issue. This proved that this light bar is really powerful as it was able to continuously worked 60 hours under very harsh nonstop vibration.

Things to Improve

There’s one minor complaint, and it actually only pertains to shipping. There were some customers who complained that it took longer than expected.

However, if we think about it, with all the benefits you could get from this very inexpensive light bar, one can agree that it is truly worth the wait.

The complaint is just a very minor issue if you will look at all the positive things this light bar can offer. It is truly worth every penny.


Nilight light bar is very affordable that it will surprisingly exceed your expectations. It is one of the best light bars in the market today. With the amazingly bright light and heavy-duty waterproof casing, it will be one of the best investments you will ever have.

This Nilight spot light is very versatile and can be used in variety of ways. It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

It is a very reliable source of light perfect for both normal road drives and rough-road night travels on any type of vehicle, night construction, and even backyard lighting.

Find out more about Nilight 7” 36w spot LED and compare it with the other light bars by reading further light bar reviews.

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