Nitecore MH25 2014 LED Flashlight Review

The Nitecore MH25 2014 LED Flashlight is a clear demonstration of its manufacturer’s leading quality of LED flashlights, which features the most recent LED technology emitting a staggering 960 lumens that can blast out one’s retina.

For this feature, the flashlight deserves to be titled the “Night Blade.” This flashlight is powered by rechargeable 18650 lithium ion batteries.

The unit features a micro-USB charging port, which makes this flashlight handy. Through this, you are not required to bring a bulky charger with you anymore just to recharge the batteries of this tool. Thanks to this feature, the flashlight you need for everyday use or emergencies is more portable.

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Powerful Light Performance

The primary mode of the Nitecore MH25 is set at the 960-lumen output. This ultra-bright mode is ideal for use outdoors, especially if you are trying to find something. As such, you can use it for law enforcement where in night searching is common.

Aside from the highest output, there are other different modes that you can set namely, low, medium, high, turbo, SOS, and strobe. Adjusting from one mode to another is done by winding the bezel then partially pushing the tail cap.

The CREE XM-L LED technology utilized in this flashlight allows it to last as much as 50 000 hours. The high intensity of the unit, together with its highly efficient reflector, emits long and wide coverage for its beam profile.

Heavy-Duty Build Construction for Durability and Weapon Use

The Nitecore MH25 is constructed from aircraft-quality aluminum alloy with a stainless steel titanium plate clip. These materials guarantee toughness that can withstand drops and falls without the risk of breaking it in half. Its tough material can also be used as a weapon that will surely hurt an attacker in case you use the flashlight to make a hit.

The unit also complies with the IPX-8 standard, which makes the flashlight submersible in water up to a maximum of 2 meters. This makes it a waterproof tool that you can use even under extreme weather conditions like heavy rains and snow. Even as you use the flashlight submerged in water, you can expect full functionality and in case you drop it in water, there will be no leakage coming from the light.

When it comes to the power cable plugs, the manufacturer has place o-rings to prevent dust, dirt, and water from entering it and damaging the unit.

Nitecore MH25 Features and Specifications

  • Perfect for belt carrying – With dimensions of: length is 160mm, head diameter is 40mm, and tail diameter is 25.4mm
  • Portable Weight – 145 grams without battery for easy carrying
  • CREE XM-L U2 LED technology – For maximum output of 960 lumens
  • Long Use – Has a maximum runtime of 28 hours
  • Water, Dust, and Impact Resistance for micro-USB plug
  • Multiple and User-defined output modes – Low, high, turbo brightness levels together with strobe and SOS modes
  • Intelligent Memory Function – For brightness setting storage
  • Waterproof – Follows IPX-8 standard
  • Durable Materials and Construction – Stainless steel bezel ring, reinforced mega-clear mineral glass, anti-reflective undercoat, made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, HAIII military caliber hard-anodized
  • Anti-Rolling Design – For convenience and functionality

wide orangeNitecore MH25 Reviews

The Nitecore MH25 is one well-loved flashlight model with its 80+ reviews that have shown a majority of buyers are satisfied with the unit they have purchased. For this and the amazing features of this flashlight, we give it a rating of 9.4/10 stars.

One of the reviewers of this product is a collector of high-end flashlights, which means that he knows the standards to a quality flashlight. For him, the Nitecore MH25 is an excellent product all throughout from its construction, design, output, and most of all, performance.

Many other customers have commented on the coverage and capacity of this flashlight that is just amazing when you consider its size.

Things to Improve

The Nitecore MH25 has some disappointing aspects just as you would find shortcomings in other models. Some customers found adjusting the brightness settings confusing. A little bit more familiarization will resolve this issue. Despite this, the benefits of the whole package of the unit are worth more than its minor flaws.


If you are in law enforcement, repair services, and other lines of work where in you need illumination tools, the Nitecore MH25 is a handy and reliable tool to have. It is also ideal for general use at home and also for emergencies.

This flashlight is more than a lighting tool; it can also be used as a weapon with its strobe mode and tough construction. It is a convenient, durable, and powerful lighting tool that comes in a small package that will surely be useful for any application.

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