Nubee 081175535214 Infrared Thermometer Review

One of the most affordable IR thermometers in the market is the Nubee Temperature Gun. Although this is cheaper, the quality is still notable. You will surely find this very easy to use. You just need to point it at the target object, and then, you will already have an accurate temperature reading. This is because of the laser technology integrated in this IR thermometer.

You will like the fact that you don’t need to touch a particular object just to measure its temperature. That will save you from accidents and injuries. You can do the measuring even in a safe distance. The laser is just easy to use because there is a switch for turning it off and on.It also has the ability to shut down automatically when it senses inactivity.

If you would like to own an IR thermometer that will not hurt your pocket, then this is the right fit for you. All the vital features are included in this handy IR thermometer.

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Dual Laser Sight

The Nubee Temperature gun features a dual-laser sight that you will surely benefit from. Most of the IR thermometers in the market only have the single-laser sight, and this is the reason why this device is one step ahead. This feature allows you to get the precise target area for a very accurate reading. The point-and-shoot mechanism is a convenient way of attaining a temperature reading without the need to directly touch the object.

There are times that there are unseen infrared beams. The dual-laser sight makes it possible for you to detect it. You get to have a concise reading within just one second. This is how fast and reliable the Nubee Temperature gun is. The edge of dual-laser sight makes it as the first choice of most users.

Accurate Temperature Range

This IR thermometer has an accurate range of temperature range from -50 degrees Celsius up to +380 degrees Celsius. The good thing about it is that you can switch back and forth from these units depending on your preference. This level of accuracy is recommended for commercial and business purposes.

You will also appreciate its versatility because it can be used in oven and liquid temperatures as well.All you need to do is to press a button. The accurate temperature range will surely help you in targeting the correct areas.

The readings are presented in the display screen clearly and with a large font. This helps in ensuring readability among the users. Aside from this, the Nubee Temperature Gun can store the maximum temperature reading. This feature allows you to search for the exact spot as you go about your temperature-measuring activity. This is indeed a convenient thermometer that you can rely on in testing a particular surface.

Nubee 081175535214 Features and Specifications

  • Point-and-shot mechanism – you just need to point the scanner to the surface you want to measure and then pull the trigger to start measuring.
  • Dual-laser sight – this helps in detecting the infrared beams for a precise reading.
  • Fast response time – it only takes one second for it to take a temperature.
  • Large display of the temperature reading – this contributes to its readability.
  • Accurate temperature range – from -50 degrees Celsius to +380 degrees Celsius
  • Switch – the laser has a switch for off and on function.
  • Conversion of unit – it can switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

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Nubee 081175535214 Reviews

The simplicity of Nubee Temperature Gun deserves a decent rating of 7.5 out of 10. This IR thermometer has features that amazed most of its users. One of it is the switch button for the laser. This feature helps in conserving the battery life. They also noted that the 9V alkaline batteries can be used for a longer period of time.

Another positive feedback is its wide range of temperature accuracy. Many of the users use this for their cooking activities. They are able to measure the temperature of the oven and the food they are going to serve

If you currently own a food store, the Nubee Temperature Gun will surely be a reliable companion for you. The temperature of the food will surely have an appropriate warm temperature for a quality food service.

Things to Improve

If there is something to improve with this IR thermometer, probably it would be the emissivity of the device. For surfaces with reflection and shiny appearance, it would be best if you will place a masking tape strip on the surface. This will ensure that the reading will be accurate.


If you would like a thermometer that will be affordable and yet functional, then the Nubee Temperature Gun is the right fit for you. You will definitely like the dual-laser sight feature as well as its large screen display. The most amazing thing is that you can benefit from its accurate temperature range for your various tasks. This is surely the most affordable IR thermometer in the market that deserves everyone’s recognition.

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