Best OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool 2017 – 2018

Primarily, OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics, describing its function, while the ‘2’ refers to Second Generation. The capabilities of every Bluetooth OBD2 scanner are being maximized in almost all vehicles in the United States, and more manufacturers seem to develop such tools continuously.

The usefulness of a Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool is attributed to tablets and smartphones, allowing vehicle owners to use these gadgets together with their vehicles in a more sophisticated manner. Today, the market is flooded with these scanners, meeting the technological demands of consumers.

Hence, it is essential to take note of the best Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool if you’re a potential buyer. To help you with that, this article provides you the top five scanner tools on the market today, and you can consider these items as worthy and must-have for your vehicle.

Top 5 OBD Bluetooth Scanner Reviews

BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII


With an impressive average rating of 4.5-Star is the BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII, which can work on all vehicles in the US with year models of 1996 and above. This OBD2 Bluetooth scanner, unlike other tools, is compatible with J1850 and CAN protocols.

Moreover, the OBDii Bluetooth adapter claims to last longer with more stable connections than its rivals. It can also provide faster data rates, not to mention its smoother function on all vehicles than other cheaper tools.

However, the BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII does not work with iOS devices, perhaps its major downfall when it comes to the tech-savvy who makes use of iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. Still, it works very well on Windows computers and Android devices. Nonetheless, it allows a third party app installation through online or an Android store with very affordable price tags.

With proper software, you can use this OBD2 Bluetooth to reset the CEL, read OBD2 Check Engine Light Codes, pull other sensor readings, including the graphing of sensor readings and preparing your vehicle for emission testing. Additionally, trouble codes are accessible, either generic or manufacturer-specific codes.

Real-time sensor data are available via your smartphone, ranging from the speed to temperature, EOT, DPF, RPM, balance rates, and so much more. On top of that, the manufacturer also offers top-notch support on this item. Certainly, the BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII tops the list of the best of the best OBD Bluetooth scanners today.

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BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII


On the other hand, the BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII garners an average rating of 4.5-Stars. As claimed, this professional tool can read or clear trouble codes once the check engine light is on. It allows you to view vehicle-specific repair reports, containing data like possible causes, reported fixes, and code definition that can be emailed in the PDF form.

This Bluetooth OBD2 reader’s enhanced codes exceptionally work with Ford, Chrysler, GM, Toyota, and more vehicles to come. Hence, it can deliver the best experience through its BlueDriver Sensor, plus a free BlueDriver App, which is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Besides its capabilities in reading and clearing codes, the BlueDriver also enables a Freeze Frame feature, which is a vehicle snapshot once a code is stored. A Smog Check feature is also available, allowing you to ensure if your vehicle is ready for such smog test.

This OBDii Bluetooth scanner supports 1996 and newer car models, both domestic and imported. Similar to the first item, this one also supports CAN protocols, and of course, all OBD2 protocols.

It is licensed to work with Android and Apple iOS devices, both tablets, and smartphones. When compared to its competitors, the BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII offers a lot of features at an affordable price tag, delivering more through the free app and its Apple and Android compatibility.

All in all, this OBD 2 Bluetooth reader is very easy to set up, including its on-board reporting features. It is a highly recommended product by existing users, who have found this scanner tool as the best tool for the money.

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Car WIFI OBDII Scan Tool


From the manufacturer Foseal, this OBD Bluetooth scanner garners an average rating of 4.3-Stars. It offers a compact and lightweight design, resulting in a very convenient transport. It also features bright light displays for very readable indicators.

Just like the latter model, this one also works on Android and iOS gadgets, performing very well with different applications. It can function very effectively even with a single app, which can be downloaded free of charge such as the OBD Car Doctor. For more advanced details, you can purchase certain apps at affordable price tags, like the Torque Pro and the Dash Command that will work perfectly on your Android and iPhone tablet or smartphone.

Its user-friendly interface will satisfy all users, even the novice users without any unfavorable issues or problems. Direct-to-the-point and easy-to-follow instructions are definitely among its selling points, compared to other scanners out there. It boasts a notable, quick, and secure wireless connection.

When it comes to its performance, this OBD ii Bluetooth reader does an impressive job of clearing codes on different vehicles, including real-time diagnostics. The device can also get data about gas mileage, coolant temperature, calculated load value, RPM, intake manifold pressure, fuel system status, intake air temperature, absolute throttle position, air flow temperature, and so much more.

It supports CAN protocols, including KWP2000, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, and ISO9141-2 in 16-pin Data Link Connector (DLC)-compliant vehicles. The Car WIFI OBD 2 Scan Tool is compatible with Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Ford, and Chrysler makes.

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ScanTool 427201 OBDLink LX Bluetooth

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Also with a 4.3-Star rating is the ScanTool 427201. This Bluetooth OBD2 adapter can turn your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone into a very sophisticated diagnostic scanner, a trip computer, and a real-time performance monitor all at the same time. This reader is very easy to use, inexpensive, and hacker-proof simultaneously.

It has been ergonomically designed to suit the needs of every user, including its frustration-free packaging that takes less than three minutes to install. This is the best OBD2 Bluetooth reader for many actual users due to its great and state-of-the-art features. The OBDLink LX is said to be up to 4 times faster than other readers out there.

It can accelerate applications and software for up to 400%, certainly an ultra-fast response time for optimum enjoyment and convenience. It also offers accurate, smooth, detailed graphs, and realistic virtual gauges.

On top of those features, this Bluetooth scan tool features BatterySaver Technology, providing an innovative sleep function that allows you to leave it plugged in while eliminating the danger of draining the car battery. Its hacker-proof design makes use of an exclusive multiple-layered link security mechanism to eradicate the risk of illegal access.

This tool also works on wider ranges of vehicles, maximizing its advanced algorithm to OBD-II compliant models and makes, while supporting JOBD, EOBD, and otherOBD2 international variants. Aside its superior compatibility, the OBDLink LX has overvoltage protection, unlike any other, keeping the tool from catching on fire in case of load dump conditions.

This is the best OBD2 Bluetooth adapter for many users due to its auto-sleep feature that saves the trouble of dealing with dead car batteries. This amazing reader can deliver faster screen updates, plus more graph points.

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OBD2 Scanner Code Reader


This OBD2 Bluetooth adapter requires the TORQUE Lite installation, which is available through Google Play, while it is not applicable to iOS. This Bluetooth revolution is said to save money on service charges, compared to the other scanners on the market.

Garnering a 4.3-Star as average rating, the OBD2 Scanner Code Reader can monitor O2 sensor readings, throttle, boost, RPM, EOT, speed fuel trim, and much more. It is also capable of checking emissions and resetting the check engine light at the same time. This scanner also allows you to diagnose and fix certain engine issues by yourself.

Additionally, this OBD2 reader connects to a software package, which is entirely compatible in receiving other handy features like MPG meter, engine running parameter monitoring, DTC reading, DTC clearing, and so on. This auto scan tool is also capable of checking different brand-specific and generic codes.

The OBD2 Scanner Code Reader makes use of AT commands in communicating with a host device such as notebook, tablet, PC, Android, and more. It supports multiple protocols, including SAE J1850 VPW, SAE J1850 PWM, ISO9141-2, ISO15765-4 CAN, etc.

Over and above, this Bluetooth code reader boasts an unmatched technology that will surely last longer than other brands while offering a more stable connection. It features better data transfer, plus a smooth functionality with all compatible vehicles, a low power sleep setting, and a high-speed communication mode. Surely, this tool results in economical vehicle maintenance, even with constant use.

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OBD2 Bluetooth Buying Guide

Finding a reliable Bluetooth OBD2 is as essential as understanding its purpose and its advantages, allowing every user to maximize its design and performance at the same time. Before placing your order online, it is also important to identify the reasons why you need to buy one of these tools.

  • Portability: The best OBDii Bluetooth scanner is very portable, an ‘on-the-go’ tool for all users. Attributed to its compact design, this device has a wireless design without the bulky issue.
  • Superior Compatibility: Due to the technological advancements of today, this tool should also cope with these demands. It must perform well and compatible with the modern tablets and smartphones. This feature will also allow you to maximize the availability of free apps or the paid versions, updates, live data interaction, saving data, and more.
  • Better Data: Compared to traditional readers, this type of tool is more efficient in providing faster and better data. It also performs better in reading manufacturer and generic trouble codes, plus other instant troubleshooting tips and procedures.


So, whether you are a skilled technician or a DIYer, a wireless OBD2 scanner will come in handy in diagnosing the warnings and problems of your vehicle, giving you the perfect tool in assessing the issue, locating the troubled spot, and providing the best solution for it. The best of these readers is their user-friendly interface and OBD systems that even the novices in the industry can learn in an instant.

However, keep in mind that these scanners are only compatible with vehicles that have been manufactured in 1996 and after that. also emphasizes the availability of the installation of a computer chip in an individual vehicle to monitor the engine’s activities for reading and analysis.

All in all, you must weigh your available budget against the features that every Bluetooth OBD scanner tends to offer, giving you the time to arrive at the best choice as this tool can be a lifetime investment. Do check out our OBD2 Scan Tool Buying Guide too!