Odyssey PC680 Car Battery Review

Odyssey PC680 is primarily used for electric cars and it is also a deep cycle battery. One of the advantages of deep cycle batteries is the longer shell life. You would not worry about it suddenly going dead while you are driving. Another feature that most users praise on this battery is the AGM design, which protects it from shocks and vibration.

The Odyssey PC680 is surprisingly lighter than other models. However, you should note that it does not decrease this battery’s power. This battery has the strength and power of most heavy-duty car batteries, making it as one of the top choices.

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AGM Non-Spill Design

One of the best features of this battery is the AGM non-spill design. This is mainly used for preventing shocks and vibrations that could cause serious damage to your battery. This feature allows it to work perfectly no matter what weather condition there is.

The life cycle of this battery is amazingly longer compared to other batteries in its league. The good thing about Odyssey PC680 is that it could adapt to changing temperatures, and even extreme temperatures.

Another benefit of this non-spill design is the capacity to perform consistently under loads. You would surely be amazed with its power and performance. Deep cycle batteries are notorious in providing incredible power to automobiles. Their performance could be distinguished from other models in the market.

Some brands of batteries are not flexible to be mounted in different positions. This battery has the capacity to be mounted without spill overs. Why is it an issue? Spill overs could be damaging to your battery. It is best to ensure that the battery you are using is non-spill like this one.

High Recharge Efficiency

Another notable feature of this battery is the high recharge efficiency. This means that it is able to charge faster in just a short period of time. It could charge to full 100% within 4-5 hours. Other batteries often get fully recharged for a longer period of time.

This is indeed a remarkable battery in terms of convenience. You don’t need to wait for a long time to utilize the battery use. Most professionals and private individuals value this feature.

Some people are worried that cold weather could damage their batteries. It is true for ordinary batteries; however, the Odyssey PC680 could defy all odds. This could be your companion in highly extreme weather. You would be ensured that you’ll have a working battery even in harsh weather conditions.

Odyssey PC680 Features

  • Longer Life Cycle – You could expect this battery to last longer.
  • High Recharging Rate – This feature makes it better than other ordinary batteries in the market. You would be able to recharge it up to 100% in just 4 or 5 hours.
  • AGM non-spill feature – This feature allows the battery to be mounted in different positions without the spill over.
  • Vibration resistance feature – It allows you to have a vibration-free experience with your engine. It also decreases the shock in engines.
  • Extreme weather resistance – It is amiable even to the toughest weather condition. Whether it is extreme heat or extreme cold weather; you can rely on your battery.

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Odyssey PC680 Reviews

The users of the Odyssey PC680 generously gave it a rating of 9 out of 10. This is a proof that this battery has met the customer’s expectations. With all the myriad features of this battery, the buyers are mostly satisfied with it.

Most of the reviews highlighted the highly efficient recharging feature. They noted that they are able to maximize this feature especially for business purposes. One of the users stated that he uses this battery for his business vehicles. So far, they haven’t failed him yet.

Another review mentioned that the AGM anti-spill feature protects his battery from damage. He is happy with its performance and the protection that it offers to his battery.

Things to Improve

The Odyssey PC680 surely deserves a place in the best car batteries list; however minor issues are unavoidable at times. One customer gave a feedback that this battery seems to be weaker in very cold mornings. This battery is meant to withstand extreme weather condition. It is recommended that you should heat it up first before using. This is applicable to all vehicles and batteries.


The Odyssey PC680 could really boast its high-performance features. This is recommended for both commercial and private vehicles. If you are searching for a battery that could reduce the vibration and shocks in your engine, then Odyssey PC680 is the one you are looking for. If you are interested to know more about the features of Odyssey PC680, then you can read it here together with the best car battery reviews.

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