Olight i3S EOS Keychain Flashlight Review

Are you in need of a portable and handy flashlight? A lot of flashlights can be big and bulky. However, the Olight i3S EOS Keychain Flashlight gives you a unique option, and that is a smaller and convenient flashlight to carry around with you as a keychain. It’s not just a simple accessory that you can add in your bag, but it’s also a very useful tool with powerful lighting.

The Olight i3S boasts of amazing adjustable output levels that you can freely choose from when you want to turn on the light. There is the medium, high and a strobe mode that can help you adjust the light that you need in certain areas where you might be. You can also find that the orange reflector is perfect when it comes to adjusting the light when you need close-range lighting.

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319U4slIrhL 2Treating Yourself to High Quality, Bright, and Clear Optical Lens

As you can see the Olight i3S is actually an upgraded edition of the Olight i3, made to become better and higher quality when it comes to the light emission.

The light is pretty impressive since it uses the new Cree XP-G2. This is a very efficient addition and is also a brighter one compared to the old model; making it a great add-on to the upgraded version. The emitter is found in the center of the reflector and is protected safely by a lens made out of glass.

What’s impressive is that even if you drop the keychain flashlight into the water, maybe a foot deep you won’t find any damages or evidence of water entering the lenses and damaging the light emitted. This means that the light is protected and encased carefully as it won’t be affected by external factors wherever you may be.

This is highly applicable to you especially when you are planning to use the keychain flashlight when traveling in the wild.

Easy to Access User Interface of Olight i3S

Another impressive thing about the Olight i3S is that it has the three brightness modes available for you to choose from. The medium, high and the strobe modes are all controlled by twisting the head of the keychain back and forth. Turning the light off would require you to make loose the head of the keychain.

When you want to turn to in, then twist the head to a tight position. When you want to advance to the next mode then simply twist the head again after turning it on, and it will go through the levels of high to medium to strobe.

Olight i3S Features and Specs

  • AAA battery compatible
  • There are three brightness levels that range from 0.5 to 80 lumens and strobe mode
  • Its body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum as well as a stainless steel pocket clip which is reversible.
  • It has two spare O-rings
  • You can buy it with a hard shell gift case
  • You can easily change modes by twisting the head
  • It includes the CREE XP-G2 LED for more power to the flashlight
  • You can find it in gold, blue, red, purple and black

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The Olight i3S is pretty much the best buy from the buyers’ point of view. They have latched on to the customer’s loyalty to their brand and that is just amazing. Therefore we give it 9.5 out of 10 stars because of the many positive reviews about the product. It’s one of the most classic choices when you want high performing but low-cost AAA flashlight.

The upgrades are there to improve what was lacking from the previous version which is why you don’t have to worry about the current version since it has been fixed and changed already to serve you better. The light is noticeably brighter in the new version, and it is more efficient.

Things to Improve

There have been some concerns about Olight i3S just like where the modes are sometimes harder to reach on the body and also make sure that the head closes correctly. There are times that the light will only come out if the head is tightly locked.

Because of this, there needs to be a subtle change in the design that enables any type of closing of the head to activate the modes. The mode order can also be problematic at times because if you adjust the amount of lumens you want to have, you will then need to know how many lumens is required to skip in other to get that perfect shot.


The upgraded Olight i3S may very well be the best next thing that happened to portable key chains. The new cutout design is also outstanding and a refreshing take compared to the previous model.

This new model helps has a stable tail stand and because of the length of the keychain, it is now longer and you can simply hold on to your keychain and keep it safe.

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