Olight S1 Baton EDC Flashlight Review

If you are searching for the smallest and lightest EDC flashlight, then you should check out Olight S1. This flashlight is surely worth your money because of the wide array of features that you can use. The features can be a bit tricky, but you will surely love this device. This can also provide excellent illumination despite its small size.

This has the great ability to produce 500 lumens of light that can outdo other bigger and larger flashlights. Another thing is that the range that it can reach can go as far as 120 yards. Isn’t it amazing? You will surely be able to bring it anywhere you go without being burned by the weight. This is most helpful when you need illumination in low-light situations.

To ensure its durability, the casing is made from aluminum stainless steel that is strong enough to protect the internal components of the flashlight. If you would like a flashlight that has the ability to resist impact, then you have come to the right page.

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Recessed Silicon Switch

This feature is used in order to avoid accidental operation. This is indeed an important feature because it can help you save your battery. This switch prevents you from accidentally switching on the flashlight. It normally happens when it is kept in bags and pockets. Some of the designs of the switch of flashlights have protruding style. This makes it easier for it to be accidentally opened.

The element silicon has been the premier choice for flashlights because of its conductivity feature. This feature is also the reason why this flashlight can withstand electric pressure. You will be amazed to know that this flashlight is the only one in the market that has that feature.

TIR Lens

In order to create a balanced beam, this Olight S1 is equipped with TIR lens. This has the capacity to enhance the illumination on the targeted object. The total internal reflection is way better than the other units in the market. This high-powered LED flashlight has the capacity to improve the light source for variety of applications. These applications included the road lighting, strobe lighting, and beacon lighting as well.

This TIR lens has the capacity to deliver the central lux twice compared to a normal reflector. This will surely make the illumination of Olight S1 better and improved. Another thing that you will like with this is that it has a reversed polarity protection that can prevent incorrect connections. To add up to its convenience, you can place it upside down whenever you want to because of the flat tail cap design. This feature makes it possible for you to use it without actually holding it. This is

To add up to its convenience, you can place it upside down whenever you want to because of the flat tail cap design. This feature makes it possible for you to use it without actually holding it. This is great convenience for all the users. If you would like to use it during you nighttime activities like jogging, you can just attach it to your belt and off you go.

Olight S1 Features and Specifications

  • Reverse-polarity protection – this EDC flashlight is protected from the damaging effects of incorrect protections in the flashlight.
  • Very small and compact – this is the smallest flashlight in the market.
  • Casing made from stainless steel – the body is designed for ultimate durability and protection for the internal components.
  • Wide range current circuit
  • TIR lens – this lens can create balanced beam from the flashlight.
  • Thermal management – this protects it from overheating.
  • Recessed silicon switch – this prevents the flashlight from accidental operation when not in use.
  • Positive polarity – this feature enhances the capability of the flashlight.

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Olight S1 Reviews

Due to its remarkable benefits, we will give Olight S1 a rating of 7 out of 10. There are many people who are benefiting from this flashlight. This flashlight comes with a plastic retail package that is indeed very notable.

The specifications of this EDC flashlight are truly amazing for its size. The light is held to a cardboard that protects it from outside impact. You also get to have a user’s manual that can really help you in learning it.

Most of the users love its tricky features. They appreciate the reversed-polarity protection of this flashlight that makes it really safe to use by everyone. This is also protected because of the stainless steel casing. To sum it up, most of the users find this flashlight very reliable and convenient to use.

Things to Improve

The side switch of this flashlight might not be able to recess effectively. Aside from this, there is no indicator for low voltage. Other EDC flashlights in the market have this feature. Another minor concern is that this flashlight is built without an electronic lock-out feature.


If you are looking for the smallest side switch, then the Olight S1 is the best EDC flashlight for you. You will surely reach greater distance of light with this device. This model will really make its users very impressed because of its ability to illuminate a place outstandingly. This can be the best side switch EDC flashlight in the market.wide orange