Olight S10R II Baton LED Flashlight Review

Olight S10R II Baton LED Flashlight is an illumination device that has reliable performance that lights up even the darkest surroundings. Olight has been committed to providing high-quality products for everyone’s illumination needs.

Released as the 2nd generation of the S10R, the Olight S10R II comes in a rechargeable design and the most recent Cree XP-L LED technology that enables the device to maximize its illumination output 500 lumens. It features a Rechargeable 650mAh RCR123A battery, which designed to last up to 7 days.

As soon as the battery is in need of charging, the low battery indication function will set in by displaying a red light on the button. Its convenient design makes the use of the entire unit easy and simple for whatever task you need it.

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Easy Re-charging with the Micro-Dok Charging Base

It features a micro-dok charging base, which is similar to what all the other devices in the ‘R Baton’ series have. It is a small and triangular base with a standard USB output and a micro USB input.

The charging dock is highlighted by its status LED that blinks red when you plug it in and completely changes to red as you put the flashlight onto it. Lining up the flashlight on the base is simple with the magnetic ring at the charging base that allows for good contact between the device and the base.

When the flashlight battery is fully-charged, the status LED will turn to green.  These different light modes remove the ambiguity that other Olight flashlights before it have had. With its convenient status light, you can easily spot if the flashlight is fully charged or not.

User-Friendly Interface with Special Features

The unit also features a user-friendly interface, which is powered by a single button e-switch located on the side of the baton. To turn the light on at its last position and to turn it off, you just need to press the button. To cycle through its different modes of illumination, you need to press while holding the side switch while the light is turned on. To memorize the mode you have chosen, just release the switch. The modes you can choose from include low, mid, and high, to name some.

Its special features are prompted by varied actions use the switch. By long pressing the switch while the light is turned off, it will turn on in Moonlight mode. This is a shortcut that you can do if you want to turn the flashlight on immediately in this mode. If you long press while in moonlight mode, you will prompt the normal rotation of light modes, excluding the Moonlight.

Double-clicking the button while off will put the flashlight into its highest output. On the other hand, double clicking while on will trigger the Strobe mode. This mode can only be done while the device is off and cannot be memorized as well.

If you want to induce lockout mode, you will need to make an even longer press. While the long press will prompt a low mode, keeping the button pressed will turn the device off and go into locked mode. This abundance of features makes theOlight S10R II suitable for different applications.

Olight S10R II Features and Specifications

  • Maximum Output Cree XP-L HD LED of up to 500 lumens – For greatest illumination
  • Low battery indicator function – For easy and simple re-charging indication
  • Rechargeable 650mAh RCR123A battery – A single charge lasts up to 7 days
  • Five output modes – Normal brightness levels: 5 lumens (low), 100 lumens (Mid), 500 lumens (high); 0.5 lumen Moonlight, and 10HZ Strobe
  • Tough Tempered Glass with double-sided non-reflective film coating – For durability

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The Olight S10R II, with its durability, convenience, and amazing features, is given a rating of 8/10 stars. This rating has been based on the 140+ reviews gathered to assess the quality of this flashlight in actual use.

One reviewer expressed that this flashlight was perfect for bringing with him anywhere. Its compactness and rechargeable design, together with its reliable brightness help him with everyday tasks.

Many other buyers have exclaimed that this was worth every penny they have spent for the purchase reiterating how much value its compactness adds to the functionality of the flashlight.

Things to Improve

One minor setback of the Olight S10R II is its slightly greenish tint. It would have been better if it had a more neutral or blueish tint. Some users comment that there are times that it messes up. The solution to this is to get to know the device better, especially its special features and manner of charging.


Generally, the Olight S10R II is a reliable piece of compact illumination device whether you will be using it at home, on camping, at work, or any other purpose. Mastering its modes and its use will allow you to make the most out of it, especially in emergencies.

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