Optima Batteries 8040-218 Car Battery Review

The Optima 8040-218 is a dual-purpose battery and it has been known to deliver power performance. This car battery from Optima is one of the best seller batteries in the market because of its deep cycling capabilities and outstanding performance.

If you have a car with many accessories such as a heavy-duty audio-video system and a feast of running lights, then this is the perfect fit for you. You would be amazed by its performance. This battery has a good competitive edge in the market. It is has also made its way to the international market.

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Deep Cycle Feature

The cranking power of this battery, as well as the deep cycle feature, allows it to outperform other batteries in the market. Optima made sure that this battery would be able to satisfy the expectations of the customers.

Optima 8040-218 is worth considering, provided that its performance s meant for heavy-duty vehicle usage. Automobiles demand a high capacity deep cycling to be able say that it is in its peak performance. The deep cycle is a lead acid form of battery to be discharged regularly.

There are many applications of this deep cycle function. It is used for the audio system to supply DC power that would be separated from the public electricity source. If your automobile has heavy-duty audio or video equipment, you would surely appreciate this dual-purpose battery.

The deep cycle setting would contribute to your battery faster than the starter cycle. Solid plates are being used in this sense. The energy stored is classified as electrical energy. This means that almost full energy should be discharged in order to start charging.

Spiral Cell Design

This feature provides a strong power source. The spiral wound cells are composed purely of lead plates that are coated with lead oxide. This feature is indeed another breakthrough for automobile batteries. It has the capacity to deliver a superb performance that could outdo others.

These lead plates are created in a form of cast strip with the capacity to maintain its thickness. There is a divider in between the two plates in a form of a micro glass that is smooth and soft like cotton. The Optima 8040-218 Spiral cell technology is meant for tight tolerance that only a raw polypropylene could produce.

This battery is made of six spiral cells. These spiral wounds can contribute to a good performing car battery. Optima is known for manufacturing millions of spiral cells, and they would continue to do so to protect their good reputation.

Optima 8040-218 Features

  • Deep cycling feature – Together with the cranking system, this feature provides exemplified performance to this battery. It makes it more powerful and extremely reliable.
  • Longer battery life – You don’t need to spend much because of frequent battery replacement. The Optima 80340-218 would ensure you of longer service compared to other batteries in the market.
  • Resistance against vibration – This battery provides a quiet driving experience to the users. It has the capacity to reduce the vibration that the engine creates.
  • Spill-free feature – The battery can be mounted in any position without the worry of spill overs.
  • Maintenance-free – You don’t need to spend much on its maintenance since this battery is ensured to have a longer shelf life without problems.
  • Fast Charging Cycles – Compared to other batteries, this battery charges faster.
  • Starting Power – It has the ability to produce optimal starting power.

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Optima 8040-218 Reviews

The Optima 8040-218 is indeed a remarkable dual-purpose battery. Consumers awarded it with a rating of 8 out of 10. They endorse this battery primarily because of its deep cycling feature. They are able to use it regularly without any problem at all.

Most of the consumers hailed it for the excellent spiral cell feature of this battery. They noted that the power source is indeed very strong. Aside from that, they love the fact that this battery is environment-friendly.

One user noted that what he likes best is the anti-vibration of this battery. He is able to drive safely and quietly without being bothered by the engine vibration. Professionals are truly amazed by this battery.

Things to Improve

Some of the users noted that they wish the Optima 8040-218 could last a little bit longer. They commended it for the extreme performance; however, they are hoping that this battery would be able to last longer. This issue could be easily improved by Optima in their future manufacturing process.


Commercial vehicles would surely benefit from the Optima 8040-218. The power that it offers is ultimately extraordinary. Whatever the condition is, you would surely have a consistently running vehicle because this battery would definitely go beyond its limit. Check out other relevant information about the Optima 8040-218. You can also read the feedback of users from the best car battery reviews available in this site.

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