Optimum (OB2008Q) Opti-Bond Tire Gel Review

The Optimum (OB2008Q) Opti-Bond Tire Gel is the tire gel you should buy if you want to maintain the good finish and protect your tire from damage without producing a sticky residue. What it mainly offers is improved protection without the mess. This means that you can sustain the suppleness and flexibility of your tires but without the grease that attracts different types of dirt onto the interior surfaces.

This tire gel delivers a dazzling shine with its formulation that safeguards the tires not only from the common and apparent damaging factors but also from less visible culprits such as ultraviolet rays and ozone.

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41fboOp02VL 2Durability at Its Best!

Thanks to the formula that the Optimum Tire Gel has, expect that you will be able to completely keep your tires for a very long time. It’s a gel that doesn’t just focus on appearances, but also for the sake of the tire’s main purpose – to bring your vehicle along the road. The gel is known to have a specialized formula that’s meant for UV and ozone protection so then it won’t wear down due to the sun’s heat. Cases such as browning will be completely resolved simply by applying the gel.

VOC-Free Benefit

One of the best features that you must always check when purchasing a tire dressing or gel is its VOC-free components. Take note that cracking can happen due to petroleum distillates, and it can get worse once VOCs come to your car’s tires. Once neglected, those cracks will ultimately provide the damage that might cause tire replacement. Gladly, the protective formulation of Optimum (OB2008Q) is capable of removing that problem for good.

Optimum (OB2008Q) Opti-Bond Tire Gel Specifications and Features

  • Durability – The product promises durability more than giving a shiny look for your tires. Rest assured that the formula used for the product is capable of providing you the best ways to make your tires long-lasting even when its old, and you will never have to worry about certain substances from damaging your tires.
  • A Good Look Indeed – You will still notice a very decent look on your tires once you apply the gel on it. It provides a shiny look for your vehicle simply by applying the product once on the tires. If properly applied, no residue will be left behind – that’s why this is a must-have for your vehicle
  • Easy to Apply – The product is very easy to apply because it can be used with a foam applicator. You can even use it with a spray if you want to have an easier way to apply it.

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Optimum (OB2008Q) Opti-Bond Tire Gel Reviews

Ever since the Optimum Tire Gel became available online, it was able to gather 157 reviews, with a decent rating of 9 out of 10 thanks to the qualities that it has. From the reviews’ amount and the ratings it got, you can say that the product has really guaranteed what the company is talking about. The customers were completely satisfies with the results that it provided to the tires.

One customer said that the product was able to help them make their tires look completely black just like when they got it brand new. The right amount of gloss that the product provides was said to be very satisfying and enough for them to feel contented with the capabilities of the tire gel.

Another customer has noted that the tire gel is not just all about providing protection and glossiness for the tires, but also provided them a better way to save money. The customer was able to keep the product for a long time since the results of the gel was long lasting, and application of the product only requires a little amount of it on the tires. Also, he said that the gel doesn’t cause dirt and dust to get stuck on the tires.

Things to Improve

Optimum Tire Gel only has one issue that a few customers have noted. Due to the moderate glossiness that it has, some customers were not contented just by applying the product once, causing them to spend more money. Also, unlike some products, it’s water-based which is why water needs to be applied before getting the glossiest result that most want to have.


It’s a good thing to know that Optimum Tire Gel is not just a provider of better looks for the tires, but also guarantees money saving tactics for its buyers. There are some tire dressers and gels that might cost too high, and it’s a good thing to know that the formulation of this product is also focused for saving the supply in the garage.

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