Oregon 511AX Chainsaw Sharpener Review

The Oregon 511AX is a grinder that is primarily meant for high volume sharpening needs for chainsaws. This is a very durable sharpener and considered as one of the best chainsaw sharpeners in the market. This product was created by considering all the factors that people would surely look for in a chainsaw sharpener.

The sharpener is operated by a really powerful motor. It has also different controls that can be easily manipulated by users. They are very easy to study and understand. The good thing about it is that it is very light. That’s why you could carry it around. It is also very safe to use by everyone, whether you are a professional or just a normal consumer.

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Three Wheels for Identical Grind

This is the unique feature of Oregon 511AX. The wheels are used for coming up with uniform grind measures for the teeth of the chain. It is capable of making identical grinds that would surely make the chainsaw improve its performance. The wheels help in making accurate angle for the grinding. Aside from this, the wheels are primarily used to center the alignment accurately.

Oregon 511AX is also hailed as the most versatile grinder of Oregon in its league. Why? It is capable of centering and aligning itself in order to produce perfect grinds. Why is it important to produce identical grinds? Actually, the teeth of the chain would either cut through the woods or it would be stuck there.

If the teeth are dull, surely, it would get stuck. This is the reason why uniform grinding measure should be set in order to produce a perfect finish. Not all of the grinders in the marker are able to do identical grinding measures. That is considered as the edge of Oregon 511AX from other brands.

Wheel-Dressing Brick

The wheel-dressing brick ensures that your grinding wheel is in perfect shape. If, it is in the correct shape, and the grinding would be as accurate as possible. Other brands do not have this wheel-dressing brick. Oregon 511AX provides this feature in order to add up to the exemplified performance of the sharpener.

It is very important to maintain the wheels in perfect condition in order to avoid inconsistencies in the grinding measure. Your goal is to come up with a uniform grinding measure for the entire chain. Basically, this is one of the most important considerations to make. The condition of the wheels dictates the quality of the grinding process.

Oregon 511AX Features

  • Powerful motor – The motor is single-phase and has a total of 3400 RPM for extreme performance.
  • Sharpens variety of pitch chains – It is very versatile since it can be applied in different measures.
  • Wheel-dressing brick – This is to ensure that the wheels would be in perfect shape and condition.
  • Depth gauge setting – This is basically used for controlling the depth of the grinding process. You would be able to control this using different knobs.
  • Equal angles for grinding – The Oregon 511AX has the capability to be set in equal angles. You will not find it hard to adjust because of the new adjustment guides.
  • Three grinding wheels – They are used for creating uniform grinding measures.

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Oregon 511AX Reviews

The Oregon 511AX expectedly received a rating of 8 out of 10 from the customer review. Thanks to its multi-functionalities and improved measuring performance. Most of the customers are amazed on its versatility. They also took notice of the wheel-dressing brick that can automatically align the measure of the grinding.

A review from one customer mentioned that this grinder definitely knows the right angle for different chains. He found it easy to set the measurement because the grinder itself is able to set it at the correct angle. It is such a smart thing, right?

Another comment from one of the consumers is that the sharpening action of this product is ultrafast. He mentioned that he was also able to sharpen a number of chainsaws in it, and the sharpener still seemed to perform at its best.

All in all, majority of the users of this sharpener praised it for its extraordinary performance. They are very satisfied with its performance.

Things to Improve

One of the things that should be improved in Oregon 511AX is the instruction guide. Some users find it very hard to understand and follow. Oregon should translate it into simpler language and directions.

First time users are also quite confused. That is why the instruction guide should be recommended to be modified for the benefit of the users and future buyers. Aside from that, everything is perfectly good with Oregon 511AX.


In the field of woodworking, chainsaws are highly in demand because of their extreme capacity. The Oregon 511AX would surely be helpful in keeping your chainsaws in perfect shape. Indeed, it is a powerful grinder like no other. You would surely love its versatility.

If you are interested to know more about the best chainsaw grinders, then this site is worth checking out. You would also find the best chainsaw grinder reviews helpful in choosing the right one for you.

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