39 Stunning DIY Outdoor Planter Ideas (#15 Is Pure Genius!)

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Are you looking for outdoor planter ideas to decorate your front yard? These 39 creative but practical DIY planter ideas will be enough to get you started.

Thinking about DIY garden planter design concepts can sometimes be tricky. Fortunately, I have done all the research for you and compiled them into one neat and simple list. Check it out.

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1. Start Simple: Rusty Metal Pails Can Also Be Used as Flower Pots.

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Source: Little Brags

Rusty metal pails usually find their way into the junk bin as most people assume they are no longer useful. Fill them up with garden soil, and suddenly they become a pastoral-looking planter.

See the design at Little Brags.

2. Restore Your Grandpa’s Old-Style Tool Box Into a Lilac Planter.

word image 70

Source: The DIY Mommy

Grandpa’s old toolbox has been hiding in the attic for so long. Why not paint it, enhance with some lettering design, and turn it into an outdoor planter.

Visit The DIY Mommy for more inspiration.

3. Get a Thumbs Up From the Kids With a Miniature Fairy Garden Planter.

word image 71

Source: Good House Keeping

Who says the garden is off-limits to kids? Encourage them to take care of their own flowers and plants with this miniature fairy garden planter.

Go to Good Housekeeping for the step-by-step instructions.

4. Another Simple Concept: Time-worn Pails and Ladders.

word image 72

Source: Cassie Bustamante

Another one of those simple but stylish outdoor planter ideas. All you need is an old, unused ladder and some paint to set this up. You can hang similarly styled flower pots or make them distinct from each other for variety.

Check out Cassie Bustamante’s blog for the details.

5. Turn Reclaimed Pallet Wood Into a Three-Layer Planter.

word image 73

Source: A Proverbs 31 Wife

If you talk about cool planters, then this three-layer pallet wood planter should be included in the conversation. Easy to build and has a simple design, it adds a rustic flare to your front porch.

Learn more about it at A Proverbs 31 Wife.

6. Simple But Unique Take on Planter Arrangement: Flower Pot Tower.

word image 74

Source: Interior Patio

Do you want to save precious outdoor space? Then just put flower pots on top of each other. Remember to place the largest one at the bottom to make it more stable.

Visit Interior Patio for more design ideas.

7. Have an Extra Hamper? Use it as a Home for Your Favorite Flowers.

word image 75

Source: Craftberry Bush

Unused hamper for clothes can be re-purposed into a stylish front porch flower pot. If you like tall planters, then this could be one of your design options.

Know the details at Craftberry Bush.

8. Recycled Old Picnic Basket, Rustic and Stylish.

word image 76

Source: Confessions of a Plate Addict

Another cool outdoor planter idea makes use of unused vintage materials. Old picnic baskets can still be serviceable as they make lovely flower boxes. However, the one featured in the photo has only been “antiqued.”

Find out how at Confessions of a Plate Addict.

9. Picket Fence Planter (Paint With Your Favorite Color!).

word image 77

Source: The Old Park Homestead

This picket fence-designed planter is best placed against a wall near a window for great contrast. You can paint it with your favorite color as long as it doesn’t match the wall.

Go to The Old Park Homestead to know the details.

10. Make Use of Salvaged Stuff With This Tattered Bannister Planter.

word image 78

Source: Bless’er House

Sometimes, you see the most interesting items in a thrift store, and you just can’t let go of them. It was what happened to Lauren of the Bless’er House when she and her mom found a pair of old banisters in a thrift shop.

Lauren bought them and turned them into something awesome.

11. This DIY Doubles as a Fun Activity With the Kids: Hand-Painted Planters.

word image 79

Source: Empress of Dirt

Looking for a fun bonding activity with the kids on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Try making these hand-painted flower pots. Quick and easy to do but are absolute eye candy.

Check out Empress of Dirt for the instructions.

12. Thinking About Throwing Away Damaged Roof Gutters? Think Again.

word image 80

Source:  Make It and Love It

Roof gutters have a lifespan. When they reach it, we often just take them out to the trash. Well, don’t be hasty as you can turn them into stylish hanging planters.

Visit Make It and Love It for the tutorial.

13. Don’t Burn Them Yet: Dead Tree Trunks as Potted Plant Pedestals.

word image 81

Source: Fresh Design Pedia

Some rural areas have an abundance of dead tree trunks scattered around the neighborhood. A great way to re-purpose them is to make them pedestals for your front porch flower pots.

I got this simple idea from Fresh Design Pedia.

14. Colorful and Creative: Hang Small Clay Pots on Used Pallet Wood.

word image 82

Source: Hello Creative Family

This is another potential fun family activity. You can convert used pallet wood into a colorful wall where you can hang small potted plants.

See the tutorial at Hello Creative Family.

15. Convert Used Tires Into a Faux Wishing Well Planter (Genius!).

word image 83

Source: The Owner-Builder Network

This design concept impressed me a lot. A wishing well in your front yard is definitely a conversation starter. If you do it right, no one will notice that they are actually made out of used tires.

Check The Owner-Builder Network for the tutorial.

16. Recycle Coconut Husks as Hanging Front Porch Planters.

word image 84

Source: The Painted Chandelier 

Coconut husk pot liners, also known as coir, always give a more organic look to any hanging plant basket. Not only that, they provide great ventilation for the plants they cater.

Go to The Painted Chandelier for more inspiration.

17. Got Old Wine Crates Stuck in the Attic? Turn Them Into Planters.

word image 85

Source: Satori Design for Living

Old wine crates have a lot of uses, and one of them is as a plant box. Depending on its inherent design, a wine crate planter can add character to any location.

Visit Satori Design for Living for some tips.

18. Refurbish a Rusty Ladder Into a Layered Planter.

word image 86

Source: Good Housekeeping

Do you already have a new ladder to use around the house? Don’t discard the old one. Instead, re-purpose it as a layered planter for your front yard.

See the step-by-step tutorial at Good Housekeeping.

19. Celebrate Your Name With a Letter Initial DIY Planter.

word image 87

Source: Ellery Designs

Some people prefer to have their planters more customized. This letter initial planter design is perfect near the front door to pay homage to the homeowner’s family name.

You can find detailed instructions on how to do it at Ellery Designs.

20. Turn an Old Wine Barrel and a Rusted Watering Can Into Planters.

word image 88

Source: Arlene Brenneman’s Flickr

An old wine barrel and a rusted watering can also make stylish front porch planters. The more rustic, the better they look.

Visit Arlene Brenneman’s Flickr account to see the original photo.

21. Hanging Shoe Organizer: Vertical Garden or Vertical Flower Pot.

word image 89

Source: Instructables

There are so many uses to a hanging shoe organizer other than its intended purpose. A vertical flower pot is one of them. The one featured in this photo houses herbs and spices.

Find the detailed tutorial at Instructables.

22. Test Your Carpentry Skills With a Tall Planter Made of Used Wood.

word image 90

Source:  Cherished Bliss

Do you have access to salvageable wood? Then you may consider building a tall wooden planter box for your front yard. However, you need some basic carpentry skills and tools to pull this one off.

Check out the instructions at Cherished Bliss.

23. Keep Your Tin Cans to Make These Cute Little Custom Planters.

word image 91

Source: Homedit

Tin cans pile up in the kitchen every time you eat a meal. Don’t be in a hurry to throw them out into the garbage bin as you can convert them into small plant boxes.

Homedit provides the step-by-step tutorial.

24. An Old Sink or Wash Tub in Your Basement Can Also Be Converted.

word image 92

Source: Front Porch Ideas

Old metal furniture like sinks and wash tubs can also be converted into planters. All it takes is just a little paint to cover those rusted spots.

Go to Front Porch Ideas to learn more.

25. Want to Discard Those Old Books? Keep Them as Herb Planters.

word image 93

Source: Apartment Therapy

This concept surprised me as I never thought about cutting books for any purpose, especially to turn them into plant boxes. Apparently, they are great to look at even indoors.

Visit Apartment Therapy for the details.

26. Great-Looking Flower Pot Idea: Coffee Bag Planters.

word image 94

Source: Apartment Therapy

This coffee bag design concept is ideal for people who do not prefer the rigidity of solid plant boxes. Used coffee bags are able to accommodate even large plants, so they are perfect for the role.

Know more of its benefits at Apartment Therapy.

27. Re-Purpose Your Defective Drawers Into Layered Planters.

word image 95

Source: Beyond The Picket Fence

Busted drawers now have a place in your home with this layered planter design. Secure them in an A-frame, add garden soil, and plant your favorite plants. Could be a fun project during the weekend.

Check out Beyond The Picket Fence for the detailed tutorial.

28. Eccentric But Creative: Mannequin Head Planter.

word image 96

Source: HGTV’s

I felt a little weird at first because of the head-shaped design. But the more I look at it, the more I appreciated the thought behind it. However, getting a mannequin head could be pricey.

Visit HGTV’s website to learn the cost-effective way of doing it.

29. Upcycle an Old Dresser Into an Elegant Front Porch Planter.

word image 97

Source: Pinterest

For me, this is certainly one of the most stylish and elegant designs in this list. Of course, the original design of the dresser has a lot to do with it. If you have an old dresser that is just sitting around in your basement, then this would be a great way to re-purpose it.

Check out Pinterest for more design ideas.

30. Space Conservation Design: Wooden Pyramid Planters.

word image 98

Source: The Owner-Builder Network

Another vertical planter design, this time it takes the form of a pyramid. The pyramid design maximizes the area where plants can be grown.

Go to The Owner-Builder Network for the details on how to do it.

31. Upcycle Old Kitchen Utensils With a Hanging Colander Planter.

word image 99

Source: Mommy’s Kitchen

Placing a hanging colander planter by the front door does spice up a house’s entrance. Paint it with a bright color to induce happy feelings from you and your guests.

Check out the instructions at Mommy’s Kitchen.

32. Is There a Vintage Trunk Lying Around Your House?

word image 100

Source: Home Talk

Reclaimed items such as this antique wooden chest make great planters. They are spacious enough to place two or three plant boxes, or if you want, you can directly put in soil and flowers.

Home Talk gives you more ideas about reclaimed stuff.

33. A Fun Way to Breathe New Life Onto Old Rain Boots.

word image 101

Source: Rosina Huber 

Kids need new rain boots every so often that old ones pile up in the closet. This is a unique and fun way to recycle those old boots.

Check out Rosina Huber’s blog to learn how to do it.

34. Talk About Recycling: Old Broken Chair Planter.

word image 102

Source: Evolution Landscape and Nursery 

Old chairs provide a lot of character to any space. This idea from Evolution Landscape and Nursery somewhat amazed me because I never thought of using an old chair as a planter.

You can find the instructions on their website.

35. Spice Up Your Front Porch With Stenciled Metal Planter.

word image 103

Source:  She Knows

A stenciled metal planter is a great way to express your hospitality right at the beginning of your guests’ visit to your home. Pretty simple to do. You can check out the materials you will need, and the step-by-step tutorial at She Knows.

36. Wall-Hanged Wrought Iron Planters Adds Charm to a Front Porch.

word image 104

Source: Digs Digs

Installing wrought iron planters is one of the most expensive ways to decorate the walls of your front porch. However, it is also one of the most eye-catching designs.

See more photos of amazing porch ideas at Digs Digs.

37. Want to Conserve Outdoor Space? Try Making a Vertical Planter.

word image 105

Source: Angela Marie Made

The website Angela Marie Made suggests another version of a vertical planter, this time using pine or cedar wood as the base material. Some tools, as well as basic carpentry skills, are needed to complete this project.

38. Concrete Flower Pots Gives a Tranquil Atmosphere to Your Yard.

word image 106

Source: Southern Living

Concrete planters are often seen at parks, temples, and public gardens. They provide a sense of tranquility to wherever they are placed. Add that calmness to your front yard by having these planters installed.

Check out more planter ideas at Southern Living.

39. Lovely Sconce Planters Made From Unused Teacups.

word image 107

Source: Intelligent Domestications 

Upcycle an old sconce assembly and a few teacups to create this masterpiece of a planter.

Intelligent Domestications provide the step-by-step instructions for this project.


I hope you enjoyed going through this comprehensive list of stunning DIY outdoor planter ideas. I made this list because I was also struggling to find the right concepts for my front porch design.

If you have any observations or you want to share your own ideas, then kindly place them in the comments section. Also, please share this article with your family and friends. Thanks!

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