OxyLED MD50 Pocket Flashlight Review

The OxyLED LED Flashlight is an exceptional product that has the optimum key features and specifications that you can get from a pocket flashlight. It can be used for outdoor activities. It is also a wise addition to your emergency kit. This is an optimum quality product at an unbelievably affordable price.

It has a top-of-the-line LED bulb. The light is adjustable into five modes. The casing is durable and resistant to outside forces that may damage the mechanism of the flashlight. Additionally, the coating has an anti-abrasion characteristic to prevent scratches. Best of all, it comes with rechargeable batteries and charger. Let’s go through the key features in more details.

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Five Light Modes

One feature that makes the OxyLED LED Flashlight standout from the rest of the competitors is the five adjustable light modes – low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS. This great feature ensures you’ll get the lighting property that will suit your needs.

The low, medium, and high modes are adjustments in the brightness of the light emitted from the flashlight. With this, you can choose what mode to use in the situation you are in. Let’s say you need just enough light to see your way, the low mode will do. You can increase the brightness by switching to medium or high in a pitch-black environment.

The strobe and SOS modes are very useful in emergency situations as warning devices. The strobe mode can be used in case your car breaks and you need the other commuters to see you to avoid any accidents. The SOS mode is very useful in case you need to catch attention to call for help.

Rechargeable Batteries

One of the major concerns about flashlights, in general, is its batteries, but with the OxyLED LED Flashlight, that concern is resolved with the inclusion of an 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery and battery charger. With this, you can use the flashlight every day without worrying about having to purchase batteries all the time. This is very useful for those who use flashlight often like employees on the night shift.

The battery is specially designed to prevent overcharging. This ensures the health of the battery. You don’t have to worry that the battery will overheat that can cause damage or even worse, explosion. The manufacturer made sure to cover all angles that might be of concern with, including rechargeable batteries.

OxyLED LED Flashlight Features and Specifications

  • High-quality light bulb – manufactured by Cree, ensuring a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours with a bright 500 lumens capacity.
  • Aluminum casing – this ensures the durability and water resistance of your flashlight.
  • Anti-abrasion coating – your flashlight is resistant from scratches and corrosion.
  • Battery use – inclusive of a 18650 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery and battery charger; three AAA batteries can also be used.
  • Five light modes – can be adjusted to low, medium, or high light beam; has strobe and SOS modes.
  • Zooming capability – the light beam can be adjusted to the required concentration, distance, and width.

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OxyLED LED Flashlight Review and Ratings

The online rating of the OxyLED LED Flashlight is an astounding 9.4/10. That is a high percentage of users that are impressed with the performance and functionality of this pocket flashlight. A lot of customers are impressed with the features of the pocket flashlight, particularly with the brightness of the light it emits. The five light modes can be useful in any situation that you may encounter.

One customer also emphasized the handy characteristic of the product that you will not even feel you are carrying a high-quality flashlight in your pocket. The users are satisfied to get such a quality product at a very affordable price.

Things to Improve

A possible improvement that can be added to the OxyLED LED Flashlight is adopting a non-slip grip coating or handle. One user mentioned this online to make the flashlight easier to hold especially when being used during outdoor activities. However, the pocket flashlight comes with a lanyard for easier handling. It will not only prevent the flashlight from slipping from your hands, it also ensures that the flashlight can be readily available in situations that you might immediately need it.

Another minor issue that can be improved in the product is the light mode switch. A user pointed out that the flashlight does not have a memory mechanism for the light mode. If the flashlight is turned off and on, the mode will come back to the default setting. Some users might need the strobe setting, turn the flashlight off and immediately needs the flashlight on strobe again. Nevertheless, this does not take away the helpful features of the five setting light modes.


To sum it all up, the OxyLED LED Flashlight is a top-of-the-line product that is designed to resolve most issues about pocket flashlights with its quality LED light bulb, the five light modes, the durable casing and abrasion resistant coating, the rechargeable battery inclusion, and so much more. The usefulness of this product is endless.

It is not only for outdoor activities but also very helpful for everyday use, in case you encounter any situation that will require you to use a flashlight. This is one product that can be a staple in your pocket or bag. Read other pocket flashlight reviews for more information.

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