Paintball Air Compressor – The Best Air Compressor for Paintball

I am a big fan of paintball. The thought of being able to be immersed in such intense battle with close-to-real gun fire from my gun is just so surreal. And if you wonder how the “bullet” could fire at such a high speed, it is due to the air compressed stored in the paintball tank compressor. It is such powerful that the bullet is fired at the speed of nearly 300feet/second!

Traditionally, paintball gun was equipped with the pre-filled paintball tank compressor. However, it leaves you rely too much on the manufacturer, and leave you with nothing to play when the air depletes. Nowadays, with a simple paintball compressor, you could fill your paintball tank compressor at your own will.

Paintball Air Compressor

One thing to note is a very high pressure is needed for your paintball gun, or else your beloved gun will stop function very fast, as the air would drain out. As a rule of thumb, set the pressure anywhere between 250 – 850 PSI, then set the regulator to make sure the pressure stays the same at that level. Remember this, or else your gun will lose pressure with every shot.

Paintball Compressor

One notable feature of every air compressor for paintball is that it requires a very high pressure. Most of the machine, therefore, belongs to the reciprocating piston category, where it could be powered by either electricity or fuel.

Paintball compressor is very similar to the scuba diving type. The difference is the lack of air filter, as the air produced needs not to be of breath-able air. There are also water drain to remove the water from the air compressed.

Paintball Air Compressor Buying Guide

When you shop for a paintball air compressor, focus on the 2 main indicators: Max PSI & Max Air Flow (CFM). Usually, the PSI will be fixed around 4500 – 5000 PSI, which is the required level for paintball compressor.

Thus, the air flow becomes very important. It determines how much air can be compressed within one minute by the machine.

Usually, the big compressor will have a higher max air flow, which leads to a shorter time to fill air into your gun. Still, bigger paintball compressor with higher CFM means more money.


A high pressure air compressor paintball is the perfect solution for self-sufficient supply of air, making you more flexible when it comes to the game. Look out for one, and you have one issue less to worry the next time your play paintball.

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