Pentair IntelliFlo 011018 Pool Pump Review

The Pentair 011018 is a renowned pool pump in the market because of its high performance. This pool pump can outdo other pumps in the market through its exemplified range of features and power. This pool pump is also energy-efficient. This has the capacity to maximize the available energy to function well.

This pool pump is Energy Star certified. This certification means that this pump has able to meet the energy requirement. This is also a major reason why it can outsell other brands of pool pump in the market. You will like its efficiency when it comes to saving energy. It will cut down cost and you will be able to save much.

This pump is also created with a variable speed feature that allows it to run at its peak. Optimum speed can be achieved through this remarkable feature. If you are searching for the best in-ground pool pump, then you ought to have the Pentair 011018.

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Energy Efficient up to 90%


One of the best features of this pool pump is the ability to save much energy of up to 90%. This is incredibly a lot compared to the pool pumps of some leading brands. You can beat rocketing utility bills with this pool pump. Your electricity bills will not be skyrocketing, unlike other energy-hungry pumps.

The electrons are stored dielectrics powered by the condensers. The motor will then rotate in its best position and the stored energy will be released by that time. This process ensures that it will not use up much of your electricity. This is the reason why it is so efficient when it comes to energy usage.

If you are looking for a pool pump that will help you in your ROI, the Pentair 011018 is the best option for you.

Different Variable Speed Settings

This pool pump has 8 variable speed settings for different speed control. It allows you to control the runtime speed in order to save energy. Other pool pumps in the market don’t offer this convenience. This is entirely customizable.

Variable speed motors have the ability to cut down your cost. It has the ability to control the speed in timely schedules. The motor and the drive are the parts that usually do the actual job of providing the electrical lines.

You can set the time and the speed commands in the drive motor. This pump would be able to cut down your operational cost of up to 90%. It also depends on the feature of your pool. The smaller the pool, the lower the operational cost is and the higher the savings.

This pump has a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled. The pump also runs very quietly. You will not be disturbed by the sound of the motor even if it runs overnight. The Pentair 011018 is indeed a pool pump to have for private and business purposes. It will run quietly and at full speed. Surely, this pump will conquer the entire market sooner or later.

Pentair 011018 Features & Specifications

  • Energy efficient – it can save up to 90% energy, thus, cutting down your operational cost. This is indeed better than the traditional pumps in the market.
  • Quiet operation – even if it runs at full speed, you will not be bothered by the sound because it is quieter compared to most of the traditional pumps in the market.
  • 8 programmable speed settings – you can set the speed in different range using the speed variable control.
  • Built-in diagnostics – used for protecting the pump. This ensures long service life.
  • Lower operational cost – you will enjoy lower operational cost with this pool pump. If you are a business owner, you will surely benefit from this.

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Pentair 011018 Reviews

The Pentair 011018 was given a rating of 9 out of 10 by the users. They are all very satisfied with the performance of this pool pump. Most of the businessmen are able to maximize its advantage of lower operational cost.

One of the users noted that his business has been able to get higher ROI right after he changed his pool pump system. He also enjoys the lower cost of utility bills. He recommends it to most of business owners.

Another review also mentioned that the pool is very quiet to use. He also doesn’t have any problem in running it because of the built-in diagnostics. He said that it doesn’t need high maintenance in order to perform well.

Things to Improve

The users of this pool pump would like to suggest that the warranty period should be extended. It only has 60 days warranty period. It is better if the maker will give 8 months up to 1 year of warranty period.


The Pentair 011018 is considered as one of the best pool pumps in the market nowadays. If you are looking for a high-quality pool pump for your business or private use, this device is the one you should be looking for.

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