Performance Tool M570C Review

Performance Tool M570C is termed to be an economical choice to get your sandblasting jobs done. It can remove all stubborn materials such as rust, paint, scale, and dirt easily and completely. It may have a quarter of an inch blasting tip, but it is helpful enough for house blasting needs.

The sandblasting tool is highly recommended for surface preparation, such as for paint or pretreatment. You can get a lot of accessories with Performance Tool M570C, such as rubber hose, hex key wrench, air jets, nozzle tips, and orifice for better sandblasting experience.

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Surface Preparation Sandblasting

Not all sandblasting products can finish a work and leave a piece clean. Nonetheless, with Performance Tool M570C, you can remove existing materials that make a surface uneven or not suitable for other treatments. The unit provides an anchor pattern for the premier. In other words, it removes all the salt from a surface or piece you are working on.

The sandblasting unit extensively removes mill scale, oil, grease, dirt, paint, and rust that may cause paint to bounce on the surface. Most of the time, sandblasters leave residues, such as on pits or craters of the material.

Ceramic Blast Nozzles

Performance Tool M570C claims that its blast nozzles have extended life span since it is made from ceramic and not ordinary steel material. Ceramic nozzles are designed with high wear and mechanical rates. It can impact resistance while ensuring that small amount of dust is created. Most manufacturers aim to use it for it is chemically inert and it keeps its consistency.

The ceramic blast nozzles of the unit enable it to produce a smooth bright satin finish on any surface. It is normally recommended for peening and deburring due to its higher impact speed. The nozzles are suitable for any delivery system, which could be water, wheel, or air. If you want to create a craft by etching parts, the nozzles could also be highly useful.

Performance Tool M570C Features & Specifications

  • Affirmative action trigger gun
  • Ideal for surface preparation
  • Efficient and fast sandblasting
  • Long-lasting ceramic blast nozzles
  • Extra accessories
  • Good for home or hobby application

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Performance Tool M570C Reviews

The sandblaster received an editor’s rating of 7.6 out of 10.

The positive reviews of Performance Tool M570C focus on how the sandblaster functions in detail. Basically, it is highly recommended if you are looking for hobby-suitable or home-based sandblasting. It could strip off unnecessary materials on any appliance or piece in your house. In addition, it works well if you follow the minimum requirement of 20-gallon and 2.5 horsepower compressor.

Others even proved that the Performance Tool product is useful even on glass. It works quickly, which is why you can even follow through the painting job. Even if there are tough-to-reach areas in a material, such as pits, the sandblaster can still clear unwanted components completely. Amazingly, the unit also requires low maintenance.

If you have a small compressor, reviews revealed that the product remains usable. This only means that you simply need to allot more time for the task. Having a limited budget is also not an issue with the sandblaster for it is a worthwhile buy.

There is no trace of clogging issue among the reviews of Performance Tool M570C. There is also no need to look for nozzles since its package is available with three extra nozzle tips.

Things to Improve

Though the product is highly praised for its exceptional features, there are still points to improve in its entirety. Basically, it can be a better product if it can also work on bigger projects. This is relative to how it can combine the advantages of sandblasting and polishing surfaces for further treatment.

Moreover, if possible, the customers requested for possible upgrade related to modification of its settings. In order to make it work in the best way possible, you have to regulate the air pressure and volume. Otherwise, you will not be able to blast anything at all.

Lastly, the sandblaster unit can be better if it does not require maintaining the hose in the blasting media during operations.

Nonetheless, the positives of the product offset its need for upgrade. If you are a hobbyist and require home-related blasting activities, Performance Tool M570C is a reliable option. It may take a few tweaks to work, but the result is worth the time – a paint-ready finish.


Performance Tool M570C is a great option for simple and quick jobs at home. Cleaning after sandblasting has been an issue for most people, and this unit could solve it effortlessly.

You are free to compare this Performance Tool model with other sandblasters for a better buying decision. Read more of the best sandblaster reviews and choose wisely for a superior sandblasting experience in the long run.

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