Performance Tool (W1673) Jumper Cable Review

Having the right tool means finding the one that would meet all your expectations, or at least lessen the difficulties you’ll go through with jump starting. With Performance Tool (W1673) 20’ 4-Gauge Jumper Cable, you are guaranteed to carry a heavy duty, tangle free gauge cable with you. Since the product has been released in the market, it has gained a number of consumers and here’s why.

The importance of having a gauge jumper cable to a car owner is very crucial. A car, truck or van, no matter how old or new it is, dies for several reasons. Most often, it happens unexpectedly so, to avoid adding more problems, it is just necessary to have the right tool to be taken at all times. Investing on a device is not an easy task, however, with the right research and comparison, you will land yourself on the right product.

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51WjNN61QZL 2Heavy Duty Gauge Jumper Cables for All Types of Vehicles

Of course, not only cars die all of sudden. Even vans, trucks, motorcycles and SUVs meet such fate and these instances require fast actions especially if it happens in an awkward place or situation. Most car owners, for this type of scenarios, would prefer a heavy duty gauge jumper cable to bring to lessen any other frustrations.

The best thing about Performance Tool (W1673) is that it works on all types of vehicles, so in case you are an owner of a truck or car, you don’t need to purchase different tools as this already works on both types without lessening the quality of the performance.

Length is as Long as 20 Foot

There will be a lot of times that a car will die in an awkward place which means the place can be hard to reach for an ordinary gauge jumper cables. For this reason, it is the owner of the vehicle who adjust just to fix the problem and this is what makes the task harder.

Fortunately, with a Performance Tool (W1673), the task has become a bit easier since the jumper cable is long enough. In fact, since it is 20 foot, it is more than what most vehicle owners needed.

Performance Tool (W1673) 20’ 4-Gauge Jumper Cable Features

Apart from having the length that can cater distance and its high quality and heavy duty performance over cars, van, SUVs and trucks, the Performance Tool (W1673) has several more features that would surely make vehicle owners consider it.

– It has red and black clamps to avoid confusion and easier identification.

– The jumper cable is tangle free thus, lessening the time consumed with detangling.

– Rubber coated cables to avoid any risks of touching the negative and positive charge

– Copper claw clamps are heavy duty and the teeth attach perfectly

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W1673 Gauge Jumper Cable Review

The Performance Tool (W1673) has amazingly reached more than 200 reviews which mean that many consumers have tried it and fortunately, a majority has given positive feedbacks about the product. For this, plus my own assessment, I am giving this product a 9.5 out of 10 stars as it has proven its efficiency and heavy duty.

One satisfied user has shared his wonderful experience upon using the gauge jumper cable and he stated how the product has exceeded the other brands of gauge jumper cables. So far, it is the best one that has worked on its full performance. The 4-gauge wires have received an almost perfect score of 10 and so as the solid core wires.

Another user has stated how highly efficient and first class the gauge jumper cables are. It is simple and easy-to-use and is convenient to carry whether you’re carrying it from home to your garage and into your car. It’s great for traveling as well to get ready for anything unexpected.

Things to Improve

However, just like other products and services, Performance Tool (W1673) has its own minor flaws. One consumer shared his experience about how he has received a defective product.  The charge lights are not working and so as the other work light. But all in all, these minor flaws does not affect the overall performance of the Performance Tool (W1673).


The Performance Tool (W1673) has been carefully designed to handle heavy duty jobs from vehicles like cars, vans, SUVs and even trucks. Its 20-foot length helps every owner of vehicles to make the jump starting task less difficult. Furthermore, the gauge jumper cable is created to be tangle free, thus minimizing the time consumed in preparing and attaching the cables to the car’s batteries.

Overall, the performance, features, and quality are astonishing therefore, it is recommended to every owner of vehicles, most especially to those who own not just one but more automobiles as this is flexible to all types.

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