Pioneer TS-A6886R Car Speaker Review

If you are looking for the best quality car speaker, then the Pioneer TS-A6886R is the right one for you. This 6×8 car speaker is a part of Pioneer’s TS-A series lineup’s latest generation. It contains an all-out 350 Watts as its maximum power and offers a much-enhanced bass capabilities.

This car speaker is intended to replace the customary factory speakers installed in most vehicular transports. It contains the prime goal of enhancing every vehicle’s general sound quality with its improved dynamic range, greater power handling, and well-developed bass capabilities. With these features, this product is considered as one of the best car speakers in the market today by many customers.wide orange


High-end Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone

The TS-A6886R comes with Pioneer’s new technology called the Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone. This equipment helps in providing a wide-ranging sound dispersion. Hence, creating a much-enhanced sound quality with deeper and richer bass sounds.

Plus, it is also comprised of a first-hand tweeter made to offer customers an upgraded range of standard to high frequencies. This gear is helpful in the production of enriched sound at higher volumes.

These aforementioned technologies offer a higher product performance and the capacity to play a larger range of music genres with an improved and clearer sound quality.

Newest Generation in Pioneer’s TS-A Series Lineup

The TS-A6886R 4-Way Speaker has its place in Pioneer’s TS-A series lineup’s latest generation of car speakers. This means that this product is provided with the most high-end technology and equipment to deliver a much-enhanced sound performance.

Unlike other speakers before, this product is composed of lightweight materials cautiously combined. With 4.2 pounds, the TS-A6886R weighs lesser than the usual car speakers.

Pioneer TS-A6886R Features and Specifications

Features are reliable indications to sight which car speakers are good. Aside from the above-mentioned features, the Pioneer TS-A6886R A-Series still have more to offer. Take a look at the list below.

  • High maximum power – The product reaches up to 350 Watts at its maximum power and 60 Watts at its minimal power.
  • Lightweight elastic polymer surround – This feature helps in maintaining the speaker’s high level of sensitivity.
  • Spider design – The product’s new spider design has included similar materials used in the PRS series of high-end component speakers for more precise response and firmer suspension.
  • Heat-resilient voice coil wire – This function is useful in the heat dissipation and resilience to endure high input power.
  • Cooling basket – The product also comes with a cooling basket that has an air vent for augmented cooling to process enhanced power handling.
  • Speaker size fits most vehicles – Speakers found in the Pioneer A-Series lineup like the TS-A6886R are offered in 2-way component packages with varying sizes that will fit most vehicular transports.

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Pioneer TS-A6886R Reviews

The Pioneer TS-A6886R has received a lot of good reviews from many users. In fact, one of the users has even said that the speaker was able to give a much better sound quality with nice and clean highs and powerful bass notes in comparison to the past brand he purchased. Hence, we give this product a 9 out of 10 rating.

Because the product can give amazing mids and high ranges, many customers are left satisfied with their purchase. With the accuracy and clearness of the sound it offers, the TS-A6886R is surely on the list of the best car speakers to buy.

Things to Improve

Like any other product found in the market, the Pioneer TS-A6886R A-Series also has some minor downsides. According to one user, when she first installed the speaker, the voices sounded so muffled as if they were inside a tunnel. But this trivial issue has been quickly resolved after a short while, the speakers were finally creating an amazing sound which was powered by an A.M head unit.

But aside from this minor problem caused by the speaker’s first installation, the product does not anymore contain any other issues. In fact, many customers have even said that the TS-A6886R A-Series was one of the best car speakers on a budget that they have found in the market. And that, it was truly worth their payments.


With the Pioneer TS-A6886R Car Speaker, you no longer need to wonder which car speakers are the best for you. The product has already proven its worth among many car enthusiasts who wish to equip their vehicles with the best sound quality.

The high-end multilayer mica matrix cone can definitely provide your car a wide-ranging sound dispersion and even richer sound quality.

Moreover, since it is a part of Pioneer’s latest series lineup, you can rest assure that the product is furnished with the most advanced materials. Therefore, it is strong and long lasting.

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