Planet Audio AC2000.2 Car Amplifier Review

Purchasing a marine amp with a limited budget is made possible with Planet Audio AC2000.2. This is one of the most affordable marine amplifiers with 2000 watt maximum power. It is a full-range class AB that uses MOSFET power supply. It features a constant variable high pass and low pass crossover, as well as an input sensitivity selector.

This amplifier lets you modify how you want to listen to music. It lets you fine-tune your bass with the boost adjustment and remotely control your subwoofers. With its sleek black casing and illumination logo, it makes a great addition to your car stereo set-up.

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Experience Increased Sound Quality and Power Output

Amps are classified according to different classes and this determines the amplifiers topology. The AC2000.2 is a class A/B amplifier which is a combination of the best features of class A and B without its drawbacks. The particular design of this class enables reduction of crossover sound distortion while increasing the sound quality and power output.

Aside from producing excellent sound, a class A/B amp has about 65% efficiency. It also has a high signal to noise ratio adding to the quality of the sound produced by the amp.

Security with Overload and Thermal Protection System

It is a common problem for amplifiers to become very hot after several hours of usage. There are different reasons why this happens and this could cause electrical damage to the wirings reducing the lifespan of your device. With the thermal protection circuit of this amp, high-temperature problems can be addressed.

The technology used in Planet Audio AC2000.2 allows it to sense when the device becomes too hot. When this occurs its protection circuit turns the amp off until it reaches the desired temperature then it is turned back on. Also, when the speaker experiences short circuit, the system senses the problem and the output are immediately cut.

Other than the protection circuit, the amp is also designed to have vents that will help in the cooling process when needed. Just make sure that it is not cramped up in a corner so it gets the ventilation needed when it is used.

These safety features added to the device will give you peace of mind every time you use the amps.

Planet Audio AC2000.2 Features and Specifications

  • Class A/B amplifier with 2000 watts maximum power and 2 channels
  • RMS power: 700 watt x 2 channel @ 2 Ohm, 1000 watt x 2 channel @ 2 Ohm, 1400 watt x 1 channel @ 4 Ohm bridged
  • Speaker and Thermal Short Protection
  • Remote turn on and off circuit
  • Protection Indictors and LED Power
  • Power supply: MOSFET
  • Switchable Input Sensitivity
  • Variable High/Low Pass Filter, Variable Gain Control, Variable Bass Boost
  • 6-year platinum warranty

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Planet Audio AC2000.2 Reviews

Undoubtedly, the AC2000.2 amplifier is among those who have superior features hence it has an editor rating of 8/10.

According to one buyer, the amp exceeded his expectations because it is inexpensive but it has features which can be found in expensive amps. He added that the device puts out clean and deep bass. He can turn the volume up and still get a good sound because there is no distortion.

A different consumer said he was skeptical to buy this amp but when he did his research and checked the features he decided to get it.  He likes that he has access to the adjustment dial up-front. He claims that he also didn’t have any heating problems with the amp and its cooling system and ventilation is working effectively.

Things to Improve

The AC2000.2 almost got all features that one would look for in an amplifier. However, one slight problem that a few customers pointed out is its size. They did not expect it to be a bit bulky which can cause a problem especially if you have a very limited space for its installation. That is why it is important to always check the measurement to prevent installation issues.

There are also few others who experienced heating issues because they install the amp in a crowded corner. Bear in mind that when installing any kind of amp, you need to have sufficient space for proper ventilation.

Other than its size, there are no other complaints about this amplifier. It’s a great investment for those who want to customize their music because the features of this amp provide you options to do that. Its bridge channel will level up your experience as it will improve the power and allow flexibility.


Enjoy your music just the way you want with Planet Audio AC2000.2 Amplifier. You don’t have to go over your budget to get quality sound. With this amp, you get to experience features like soft turn on circuit, input sensitivity selector and even a remote subwoofer level control at a price that you can afford.

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