Top 3 Power Tools for Pocket Holes: Reasons to get a New Tool

With the recent trends in a do-it-yourself (DIY) world, there have been a lot of tools and technologies that are designed to make procedures less complicated and easy to accomplish. Just like if you are into woodworking or making furniture and small things out of your stash of woods and lumbers, you can quickly make stuff out of it by using a Pocket Hole tool.

What is a Pocket Hole tool?

If we are making a hanging cabinet, a dining table, or a wooden chair, we can simply make holes and tough joints by ensuring that you have glued them all correctly. In traditional woodworking, people tend to use nails and hammer because it is the most accessible during those times. Now that we have online shops and more specialized hardware stores, there are now Pocket Holes being sold to help us avoid short-lived furniture which death is caused by rusting nails.

What are the Top 3 Power Tools for Pocket Holes?

Sommerfelds Pocket Hole Jig-Cast Aluminum


Designed for both newbies and professional woodworkers, Sommerfeld’s Pocket Hole Jig Cast Aluminum is one of the most reviewed and top selling power tools to create perfect pocket holes. With its own frame made of aluminum, woodworkers who put their tools outside whether it is raining or shining would not have to worry about losing their power tool. The set consists of the following:

  • One aluminum pocket hole jig
  • One pair of small and big drill guide
  • Pocket driver, depth stop, and 3/8 step drill bit
  • Hex key wrenches and frame clamps
  • 100 pieces pocket hole screws in different sizes

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Drill Master Portable Pocket Hole Jig Kit


Drill Master Portable Pocket Hole Jig Kit has increased its edge by making it smaller and easy to bring to places in case the woodworker always go around the city. Unlike the Sommerfield, this Drill Master is sold inside a small container to avoid losing any parts of it, and to make it portable. If you are making a living by doing some woodwork in your neighborhood, getting this one will make you look cool as if you do not have anything with you to work with stashes of woods.

The Drill Master Kit contains a fixed toggle clamp with adjustable clever, tougher steel drill guides for maximum precision, and a mountable jig body to make it portable.

As it aims to keep the kit smaller, Drill Master Portable Pocket Hole Jig Kit is among the simplest power tools used in making pocket holes.

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Kreg K4 and K4 Master Pocket Hole Jig


A combination of the first two introduced pocket hole tools, the Kreg K4 and K4 Master Pocket Hole Jig is complete more than the content of the Drill Master Portable Pocket Hole and is also contained in one single container to make it easy to carry.† It can be both used as mountable and stable Kreg jig because it is designed to please both the moving and the home based woodworkers.

A set of K4 Master Pocket Hole Jig contains the following smaller tools:

  • Three-hole drill guide
  • Dust collector to lessen the mess that you could bring
  • Stoppers to hold the wood in line

If you get a K4 Master Pocket Hole Jig, you can deal with woods in any thickness because of its adjustable bases. It is also equipped with large clamps to make sure that it can hold thicker and harder woods despite its size and weight.

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Before purchasing a power tool for pocket holes, it is important first to identify the necessity of getting one. Are you going to use it just for your home or are you going to help your neighborhood with their construction of wood furniture? To check on the best pocket hole jigs and which is the most recommended, you can check this article of Victor Crafter.

Got some suggestions on the top 3 power tools for pocket holes? Let it be heard by posting your comments below! Share this with people too so they will not get wrong with getting the best pocket hole jig tool!