PORTER-CABLE 362V Variable Speed Belt Sander Review

One of the most commonly bought Belt Sander in the market today is the PORTER-CABLE 362V Variable Speed Belt Sander. It is powered by a 12 amp motor plus design which is all-metal for powerful handling and maximum durability. This unit is considered as a high-end quality Belt Sander brand among others that are being offered in the market. It is also one of the most popular brands among all Belt Sanders.

I have heard some people saying that this unit appears to be a mediocre choice and for some point, I actually hesitated to even try looking for some information about the tool. However, a friend of mine strongly recommended this product and since he was very consistent in making me try the equipment, I finally have decided to buy one for myself. As first, I thought that I made a bad decision but fortunately I ended up liking this belt-sander so much and I have realized I am lucky to have one that I can use at work.


Additional 20 percent Power from its 12 Amp Motor

One of the things that most consumers ask from the Porter Cable Sanders is to incorporate more power in the tool. Well, this Porter Cable is the answer to their request; with its 12 Amp motor, expect to get a more powerful punch when using it in your everyday work. Tackling projects that involve large woodworking can now be done smoothly with its optimum control feature. It also boasts a belt-and-gear system which enables the smooth transfer of power from its motor going to the sanding belt, so there will be a stable flow of speed when you work with it and its weight will also allow you to control it effectively without having to put so much pressure into it.

Huge Dust-Collection Bag plus an Ergonomic Design

Talking about being user-friendly, this tool is a beast when it comes to that aspect, despite its size and power, which is really amazing. It is possible to work comfortably using it because it has handles that are ergonomically correct and designed to provide an easy-control feature to all its users, so even if you have to work overtime, you will still find it very comfy for sure. Its dust-collection bag is of large capacity but ensures that it cannot get in the way of your work since as it can be rotated 360 degrees full.

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Features and Specifications

  • Ergonomic design- Its ergonomically correct all-metal design ensures not only powerful handling and durability but all-day comfort in its control as well. Totally helpful even if you will be working throughout the day.
  • Variable-speed dial- Precise sanding is ensured due to its variable-speed dial, it enables easy speed adjustments from 1,000 to 1,500 sfpm. This helps a lot to control the possible overheating of the tool which is commonly experienced by many users of Belt Sander.
  • Huge Dust Bag- It has a huge capacity dust bag that ensures cleaner work. The best thing about this feature is that it has the capability to swivel in full 360 degrees so you are assured that it stays out of your way when you work.
  • 12 amp motor- This will enable every user to experience more power than using any other Porter Cable sanders in the market. It is powerful yet maintains a flow of speed which is steady.

PORTER-CABLE 362V Customer Reviews and Scores

The number one praise of the PORTER-CABLE 362V Variable Speed Belt Sander from the 45 reviews at Amazon at the time of writing is that the unit is perfect when it comes to balance and weight plus it is really powerful which allows every user to work more efficiently. These fellow PORTER-CABLE 362V users have awarded this tool with 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The majority of the reviews written in Amazon belong in the 5-star range which is a positive result overall. However, there are still some disappointed customers, and this happens to every Belt Sander in the market as far as I know. There is one customer who said that “it gets hot after using it throughout the day with a high rotation speed”. Another customer also said that “the dust bag is not well made”. Most of the customers who have written a review there though, had a good experience as me and I agree with all the positive things that they are saying. There is one happy customer who said “it is the best Belt Sander he had ever owned”. The other said, “It has a very effective motor, not to mention its great balance”.

Let us go back with what some disappointed customers said – I think any other Belt Sander gets hot with prolonged use and running in a very high rotation speed all throughout the day, but you have to note the good thing about the PORTER-CABLE 362V is that you can adjust its speed through its variable-speed dial, so even if you work all day, the tool getting hot can still be avoided. When it comes to the dust bag, I think it is very helpful and it can even take a lot of sawdust effectively and the best thing is it does not go your way when you work, it is really an advantage.

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To sum it all up, the PORTER-CABLE 362V Belt Sander has a good weight and is a very good power tool. Its weight is perfect that even if no downward pressure is put by the user, it can still be controlled easily. Its variable-speed dial works well in controlling the speed of the tool so it does overheat when used all day. Finally, the dust bag is really helpful and is perfectly positioned so every user will surely still consider its presence as a comfortable feature. Overall, this is a good Belt Sander with its price range, and investing in this tool will be a good decision.

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