PORTER-CABLE 382 Random Orbit Sander Review

The PORTER-CABLE 382 Random Orbit Sander is the sander that you should buy if you want a sander that is perfect for both DIY and professional applications. What this tool mainly offers is its maximum sanding speed at 12000 OPM. Thanks to this fast speed, you can achieve very fine sanding finishes that will not leave the unsightly swirls on your work surface.

The unit also showcases a 382 random orbit action, which is responsible for the ultra-smooth finish together with the tools high OPM. This feature prevents gouging on the material whether you are using wood, metal, or composite in your projects.

No matter what task is at hand and what surface that you will be working on, you can expect that the PORTER-CABLE 382 will deliver a fine finish that is both consistent and extra smooth.

wide orange41O91Z8T9LLControlled Finishing System for Powerful Sanding

The PORTER-CABLE 382’s Controlled Finishing System gives you a good start that eliminates gouging. This is because of the controllable pad speed that works right from the start of the operation.

You will get the job done whether you are using this tool for smoothing seams at the intersection of the materials in your project, for priming the material’s surface for staining or painting, and for removing old coatings from furniture whether it is paint or varnish.

Dust Sealed Switch & 100% Sealed Bearing Construction for Tool Longevity

Dust and debris are two of the common reasons for tools not serving their full life span. However, with PORTER-CABLE 382, the switch is sealed thereby eliminating or lessening the dust ingestion. A plastic membrane protects the switch from dust and debris translating to protection for the working lifespan of the switch.

A working switch ensures that you will be able to use the tool one job after the other. On the other hand, its ball bearing construction guarantees that it can withstand use and abuse. Its durability comes without compromising the need for a lightweight tool, as this only weighs 3.6 pounds.

PORTER-CABLE 382 Features and Specifications

Here are the features and specifications of PORTER-CABLE 382:

  • Item Weight– 3.6 lbs, lightweight for easy use and storage
  • Dimensions– 8 x 9 x 7 inches, compact for improved handling and easy storage
  • Noise Level– Quiet for suitability for low noise tolerance settings
  • Service Contract– 1 Year Free with a 90-day money back guarantee
  • Warranty– 3-Year Limited Warranty

wide orangePORTER-CABLE 382 Reviews

The PORTER-CABLE 382 is one to beat in the market for compact sanders even if it operates at a single speed setting only. We give it a rating of 9/10. Its performance is excellent, especially at higher grits. Its dust collection system is one that you can rely on for a clean environment as you work on different materials. It comes with a vacuum hose adapter that you can use to suck out the dust and debris from your project.

As for its design, PORTER-CABLE 382 is ergonomic with its handles that ensure secure and comfortable grip. It also has a sturdy power cord that would not easily bend and break despite being dragged on the work floor from one working station to another. Moreover, its counterbalanced system enables low vibration that translates to better control and reduced fatigue. Lastly, it is able to produce the results that you are after—scratch and swirls free surface that is smooth and consistent in finish.

Things to Improve

However, the PORTER-CABLE 382 has its inadequacies. Its single speed can be a huge limitation for some workshops. But at 12000 OPM, many species of wood and other materials can be sanded effectively. While it is suitable for many applications, this tool can be rather underpowered for heavy sanding.

Its dust switch protection membrane makes the switch somehow mushy to the touch. Nevertheless, this is a good compromise for the greater good which is to ensure switch longevity. Some customers have also commented on the temperature of the top portion of the sander after using it for 5 minutes. It gets slightly hot but still manageable.

Despite its shortcomings, the advantageous features of the PORTER-CABLE 382 still, outweigh the not-so-good ones. In fact, many customers attests to the fine quality of this sander.


The PORTER-CABLE 382 is a single-speed sander that can be used in professional applications as well as in Do-It-Yourself projects at home. It may take some practice to master the handling of this tool but it will be easy to learn since it has minimal vibrations only.

Its counterbalanced system enables any user to reduce fatigue when sanding, which is particularly helpful to those who do not have much experience in sanding and woodworking.

The quality of PORTER-CABLE 382 is something that you can rely on. It is a certified winner that can compete with other compact sanders that offer speed variability. DO check out other best belt sander too!

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