PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 Oscillating Tool Review

In the field of oscillating tools, the Porter-Cable PCE605K52 is one of the most sought-after oscillating tools because of its built and heavy duty performance. There are many oscillating tools in the market but not all of them are meant for heavy duty jobs.

This tool is known for its ability to complete tasks in just a short period of time. You would be amazed by its power and the system inclusion. The tool-free system has the ability to change the blade whenever you want without difficulty. You would be able to make easy adjustments for this one.

The depth capacity of this oscillator kit is indeed remarkable and outstanding. There is no need for extension cords because the cord is already long enough for variety of uses. This should be one of your options for electric oscillator tools.

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Tool Free System Blade Change

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This feature allows you to make adjustments and change the blade without using wrenches and bolts. This is considered as one of its edges among other oscillating kits in the market. This is advantageous because you would be able to save much time in adjusting the parts and accessories depending on the application.

The Porter-Cable PCE605K52 has accessories included in the kit. You would be able to attach and detach these accessories without the need to use bolts and other tools. The system is integrated for convenient changing purpose. The users would like it for sure because the procedures are so simple.

The blade system is intended for all-purpose applications. You can use it for wood with nails as well as for laminated wood. The good thing about it is that you could use its cutting power for tough materials. You can even use this for abrasive applications as well. This is an oscillator that could be the best in cutting, grinding, and sanding.

High Caliber Performance

This is designed to be a multi-purpose tool with a motor of 2.5 amp. You can actually perform different kinds of tasks with this oscillating kit. This is also applicable to materials like aluminum, wood, and plastic. One thing that you would like is its durability. This tool is not prone to premature wear because of its durable built and housing. The accessories included in the kit can be used in different kinds of applications. Aside from that, the Porter-Cable PCE605K2 is very reliable when it comes to finishing loads of cutting. It could even outdo other oscillating tools because of its speed.

If you would like a tool that could be your companion in remodeling and reconstructing houses, then this oscillating tool is the right fit for you. It feels good and it works great. Most of the things that you would be looking for an oscillating tool can be found in Porter-Cable PCE605K52.

Porter Cable PCE605K52 Features

  • 3-amp motor power – This is considered a highly powerful motor. It is expected to deliver great results and remarkable performance when it comes to cutting, grinding, and sanding.
  • Tool-free system blade change – This allows the easy attachment and detachment of the blades. You don’t need to make use of wrenches and bolts in doing this.
  • Speed – This oscillating tool has the capacity to cut faster than other tools in the market. It has also the capability to cut more depth.
  • Long cord 10-foot – The cord is longer than other cords. You could go a farther distance with this.
  • 52 accessories – The accessories included in the kit are actually more than the accessories of other oscillating tools.

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Porter Cable PCE605K52 Reviews

The Porter-Cable PCE605K52 received a rating of 9 out of 10 from the users. Most of the users commended it for its versatility. As a multi-tool, the buyers are able to use it in different applications. Most of the users buy it for remodeling their houses. They noted that it was able to do a good performance.

Another feedback mentioned that the build of this oscillating tool is surely durable. The look is also professional as well. Many of the feedbacks emphasized its many uses in one oscillating tool. They believe that it’s all worth their money even though it is a little pricey.

Users are also very satisfied with the 52 accessories included in the kit.  According to them, they don’t need to waste time in finding those accessories and attachments. The price is a little higher than the other, but the value is indeed promising.

Thing to Improve

Some of the minor problems of this oscillating tool is the sliding of the blade. According to some users, it is a bit difficult to let the blade slide for quick change. This problem could be solved by making the blades more fit with the casing.


There are so many oscillating tools in the market, and the Porter-Cable PCE605K52 is one of the leading multi-tools in its league. Every bit of its accessories is indeed very versatile. If you are searching for the best multi-tool oscillating kit, then you can check it here together with the best oscillating tool reviews.

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