Pow ‘R’ Kraft 65575 Log Splitter Review

The Pow ‘R’ 65575 is another innovation from Pow, and it is a similar successful device just like its predecessors. This version can do and perform better than the earlier versions. You can also depend on this log splitter when it comes to handling hard wood-clearing tasks. The good thing about this is that it is too simple and very easy to use. Even beginners will find this very comfortable to use.

Just like other log splitters, this device is made from pure steel, which makes it really durable and tough. Aside from this, it runs with 3-hp and 15-amp motor. These features make it really dependable and reliable. The cutting mechanism is also very remarkable because it can split logs as efficient as its predecessor.

You will really benefit from this log splitter. This is most recommended for heavy-duty purposes as well as for tough winter cutting tasks. You will surely be able to maximize all its benefits and advantages.

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Two Operating Speeds

The Pow ‘R’ 65575 is equipped with two operating speeds. This means that this is perfect for both light and heavy log splitting tasks. It has the capacity to split logs up to 20 inches in length and 12 inches in diameter. This already falls in the category of heavy-duty cutting jobs.

The speeds are meant for controlling the cutting mechanism of this log splitter. For lighter cutting tasks, the speed can be set in normal speed only. However, for heavy-duty tasks, the speed setting should also be increased. This feature allows you to customize the cutting mechanism. It is really better to work if the settings of the machine give you much control for better output.

Quiet Operation

One of the things that you will really appreciate with this product is its very quiet operation. You will surely not have a problem even if you work at night because this log splitter won’t be able to disturb your sleeping neighbors. The ZBH system is integrated in this device to enhance its flawless cutting mechanism. Even if you cut really tough woods, this machine will still be quiet as possible.

Another benefit that you can get from the Pow ‘R’ 65575 is the ability of this device to mount the logs on the table without slipping it. If you are going to choose your own log splitters, then this could be the best option for you. You can maximize this by using well-seasoned wood for the fireplace. This is also applicable for outdoor fireplaces if ever you have one. Most people who have tried this have been a big fan of using log splitters like this one.

Pow ‘R’ 65575 Features and Specifications

  • 15 amp motor – the power of this motor can handle heavy-duty tasks without problem.
  • Hydraulic components – some of the parts of this log splitter are for its hydraulic mechanism. It makes this electrical log splitter more durable and powerful.
  • GFI protection
  • Wheels – this feature allows it to be transported without any problem. You can bring it anywhere you like without the need to carry it manually.
  • RAM auto-return feature – this is mainly used for their cutting mechanism.

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Pow ‘R’ 65575 Reviews

This Pow ‘R’ 65575 deserves a rating of 7 out of 10 because, just like the other Pow series, it is capable of carrying out heavy-duty tasks without the hassle. Users love its heavy-duty motor; it never fails their expectations. In fact, it always exceeds their expectations. Many of them have been using their unit for a longer period of time already.

They also noted that this log splitter is very durable when it comes to cutting tougher woods like the elm and oak. Based from the other feedbacks, people would like to endorse to other buyers. They did not even hesitate in saying that this product will be worth the money.

Overall, the customer reviews are very optimistic and hopeful. The users believe that they will be able to use it for more applications and purposes. They definitely say that they will not hesitate to endorse it to other buyers.

Things to Improve

Some of the buyers noted that trying to elevate this log splitter will limit the capabilities of the device. The woods and logs should be able to sit comfortably on the working table. It is recommended that the height of the working table should be just proportion.


Given its remarkable power and efficiency, the Pow ‘R’ 65575 is definitely a must-have for log-splitting enthusiasts. This will surely change the way you look at log splitters. If you would like a device that can really provide your wood-clearing needs, then you might consider this model. It can be your best electric log splitter for multiple purposes. You will definitely give yourself a favor if you buy this one.

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