Powermatic 1352001 Wood Lathe Review

The Powermatic 1352001 Model 3520B Wood Lathe gives you the combination of the classic with the introduction of new stuff in lathes.  Lathes have been known to be a key machine not only in woodworking but also in metalworking and thermal spraying, among others, as it allows the performance of certain operations as the workplace rotates on its axis.

Woodworking will not be easy without the sliding headstock and the modern speed control (which is an electronic variable one) of your usual lathe. This new Powermatic 1352001 adds an equally modern digital readout, which helps you know the speed you’re in as you work on your projects.  It also has a newly designed tail stock which provides for an internal storage for some of your tools, and a laser etched quill.

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Versatile Machine

The Powermatic 1352001 has a swing up to twenty inches and a thirty-four and a half inches of space in the center to accommodate different project sizes not only of veteran woodworkers but also of beginners, as well.  This lathe includes a pin which may be screwed into the spindle housing to provide more than twenty positions that you can index perfectly for those hole patterns that you need to drill on your projects or even for routing flutes.

Powerful Motor

With two (2)-horsepower, two hundred twenty volt, 6.2 amps, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor, the Powermatic 1352001 offers extreme power to get your job done. The motor of this tool can work with different phases (either one or three).  Even with that amount of muscle in the motor, it does not make loud and annoying sounds.

Powermatic 1352001 Features & Specifications

  • Classic meets innovation: This lathe remains to be your familiar wood turning tool but is now made advanced with a readout that is completely digital, a 20-inch swing, and a thirty-four and a half inches between the center.  You totally get the best of both worlds with this one.
  • Powerful motor: The Powermatic 3520B Woodworking Lathe is backed up by a two-horsepower, and a variable speed motor that runs on 220 volts, for higher torque. The motor uses a dual two-range, pulleys that are multi-grooved and connected by a special V-belt to deliver power yet helps prevent surging.
  • The material of this product is cast-iron making it heavy-duty. This 682-pound lathe once assembled is rigid, sturdy and reliable. It is durable, can stay in good condition for years and exceptionally solid as it effectively resists vibrations caused by some workpieces, especially those that are a bit off-balanced.
  • Sliding Headstock: The sliding headstock of the Powermatic 3520B Woodworking Lathe was perfectly designed with modern speed settings and the digital readout that provides for an accurate speed adjustment as you work on your pieces. Its locking mechanism, which is a spindle one, engages one (1) of the two (2) locking detents (which are a hundred and eighty degrees apart).  This is for the installation and removal of the device’s different accessories that you can screw on the spindle threads.
  • Built-In Storage: The tailstock of this lathe has a compartment access door which is hinged and full proof. This was built in the tailstock casting for the storage of small tools and other stuff which you may usually be using. Also, a tool caddy is also attached to enable quick access perfect for that seamless work.

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Powermatic 1352001 Reviews

With twenty-nine (29) customer reviews on the Amazon website, the handy tool received 4.3 stars out of the possible five (5) stars on average which only shows how much the buyers have loved it (at the time of this writing). With a lot of users giving the Powermatic 1352001 a five (5)-star rating, customer service, and the efficiency with helping out on some parts were highlighted in the reviews.  One customer said that it may be a big machine, but it is the quietest power tool that he has in his garage, and one even mentioned how great the design was for such a big equipment.

Things to Improve

As the Powermatic 1352001 Description and the pictures have probably shown you, and as many customer reviews have revealed that this lathe, the Powermatic 3520B Woodworking Lathe is quite heavy that some people find it quite hard to assemble on their own or deems it necessary to have some people over to help them receive the machine once it is delivered in their homes.  Since the product is known for its high-quality, it has also been considered by many to be expensive for a lathe.  While writing this review, it is hard to point out any down side of this product as experience and customer reviews are clear that this machine delivers what it has advertised.


With the Powermatic 3520B Woodworking Lathe, it is apparent that you will not only get the classic feel and reliability of a lathe but also the advanced technology of this generation.  The people have spoken that this machine is the best one in the market, and is guaranteed to be of value to your money.  Why settle with your old lathe or the cheap ones around? Check out reviews of other best wood lathe, or take a look at other wood planer.

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