Powerzone 380044 Floor Jack Review

Milestone Tools gives you Powerzone 380044, a powerful automatic floor jack that is made to be heavy-duty lifting your car above the floor up to 18 ¼ inches. It features a steel arm along with its easy lift hydraulic device that has a capacity of up to 3 tons. For safety, this machine was made with a valve that keeps it from overloading. This amazing floor jack was made with an aluminum frame that makes it lightweight and rear swivel wheels for easy carry.

This product comes with a saddle that has a rubber pad and a handle that is covered with foam to protect your vehicle. This floor jack never fails, and you won’t experience any leak issues with it overtime.

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Easy Lifting Hydraulic Device

The Powerzone 380044 jack is perfect for garage work as it is made to give you quick lifting capabilities with its steel arm that features an easy lifting hydraulic device. It is also designed to save you time and make things more convenient with the built-in safety valve that automatically rules out loads beyond its capacity.

Milestone Tools is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to powerful tools and equipment. This floor jack is designed to carry up to 3 tons of weight along with a jack stand to lift your car up to 18 ¼ inches above the floor. For your car’s protection, the saddle is made with a rubber pad that keeps it from scratching your car.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Together with its heavy-duty performance, the Powerzone 380044 jack is also made with an aluminum frame. The frame makes the equipment lightweight, which is easy to move and carry. This is the best floor jack to use if you work in a garage with multiple cars every day.

The design comes with rear wheels that swivel for an easier movement allowing you to maneuver the equipment underneath any vehicle.

Powerzone 380044 Features and Specifications

  • 3 Ton Capacity – this floor jack can support up to 3 tons of weight making it perfect for heavy-duty cars
  • 4 to 18 1/4-inch lift range – this product promises to lift your vehicle from the ground up to 18 ¼ inches
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame – it’s designed with an aluminum lightweight frame that makes this floor jack portable and mobile
  • Easy Lifting Hydraulic System – this feature makes the job easier for anyone along with its safety valve that prevents overloading
  • Saddle with Rubber Protection – to protect the frame of your vehicle, it is built with a rubber protection in the saddle part that prevents scratches
  • Rear Swivel Wheels – to make it more convenient, this floor jack has rear swivel wheels for easier positioning

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Powerzone 380044 Jack Reviews

This product was given a 9.4 out of 10 rating. It’s a floor jack that is not too heavy to carry. The weight reduction feature of the Powerzone 380044 jack makes it perfect to move around and reposition it from car to car. The rear wheels swivel, and the quick lift system also makes the job easier and faster. It gives users more time to do other tasks in the garage.

Although it’s not too heavy, the lift arm was made durable enough to last through plenty of vehicles and everyday usage. The product lifts up heavy vehicles almost instantly without having to put in too much effort compared to other hydraulic floor jacks. The safety valve was proven to be very useful because users don’t have to worry about putting in too much weight on the jack causing it to overload.

It’s heavy-duty and powerful. It never fails when used.

Things to Improve

The Powerzone 380044 jack is a heavy-duty floor jack that is designed to lift vehicles of up to 3 tons. There are still customers who claim that this jack is not of good quality because after using it for a few times, the bolts start to come off.

There are also some customers who fear that accidents may happen because of the bolt being loose. However, it was also mentioned that the jack is still intact afterwards.


If you need a heavy-duty floor jack that promises to lift cars with ease, the Powerzone 380044 steel jack is the one for you. Experience a hassle-free lifting experience with its hydraulic system that can support up to 3 tons of weight capacity. It will give you no problem repositioning it over rough surfaces with the rear swivel wheels that increases its mobility.

This product is one of the best of its kind today. Despite its imperfections, it’s still worth your money. If you’re not convinced, you can look at the best floor jack reviews.

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