Prestone AF888 Dex-Cool Antifreeze Review

The Prestone AF888 Dex-Cool Antifreeze is definitely worth the buy since it can give you the quick and extended performance of your vehicles that you have always wanted. This is one of the products that are highly recommended for vehicles that also need Dex-Cool coolants.

Not only that but this product is also effective in other types of vehicles as well as light-duty trucks that have aluminum radiators. The Prestone AF888 works very well with vehicles of various types that are able to use coolants. What you can mainly get from the Prestone AF888 is extended performance, protection from rising temperature as well as protection from corrosion and rust in your vehicle’s engine.

Not only that but you can trust that the Prestone AF888 is able to deliver good performance since it has been a trusted brand since 1927. Even before it was already known as one of the most impressive coolants for vehicles.

Nowadays, you can see that the vehicles have become more complicated in build and that it can be difficult to find the coolant that works the best with them. The Prestone AF888 is different from the rest since it is able to give better performance and that the other coolants have trouble in delivering.

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51UWGZQZgCLPrevention Capabilities of the Prestone AF888

As said above, the Prestone AF888 is able to prevent external factors from affecting the engine when it is in use. One of the main factors that the Prestone AF888 is able to prevent is the rising temperature. It also has Cor-Guard inhibitors that help prevent corrosion inside the engine.

This helps in preserving the engine and at the same time protecting it from the massive temperature rise when you are driving your vehicle. This is important since you would want your vehicle to be at its top performance when you are driving it. These simple protection features can help a lot in making your vehicle perform better.

The Prestone AF888 also has an extended life that makes the performance of your engine even longer. You don’t have to worry about using this on other vehicles since it can be used in any vehicle that has aluminum as well as other engine metals.

It is also made up of ethylene glycol that is based on low silicate formula. You can easily use the Prestone AF888  for heavy duty applications. This means that you will be able to use the product even if you are going to be racing or traveling in a long distance.

The Safety Factors that Prestone AF888 has

One of the great things about the Prestone AF888 is that it can be used in just about anything. It can also be used with Supplemental Coolant Additives for better performance. When you would want to freeze the potable water supply systems, then you can use this product. This is also best used in trailers, boats and even in vacation homes. This meant that the Prestone AF888 is very much flexible and versatile. You won’t have any problem in handling your vehicle or other things with the assistance of the Prestone AF888. In addition, this product also has a propylene glycol formula that makes the product safe for animals and the wildlife.

Safety is something that you would want to have in your products especially when you have pets around you. Not all antifreeze products have these wildlife-friendly products which help in making the Prestone AF888 even more flexible in the way that it can be used. When you want an animal-friendly product that still gives you the best performance, then this product will be your best choice.

Prestone AF888 Features and Specifications

  • Has a blend of premium and long-lasting inhibitors that can give extended performances on the product.
  • It is recommended and is formulated to be easily used in vehicles which can accept Dex-Coolants.
  • Can also be used with cars as well as light-duty trucks and aluminum radiators
  • It is an extended life coolant.
  • Is good for 5 years or for 150,000 miles in travel.
  • This also protects against temperature rise as well as corrosion and rust.

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Prestone AF888 Reviews

The Prestone AF888 is able to receive 10 out of 10 stars from customers. This means that customers were very satisfied with the performance of the product. There are plenty of other anti-freeze products out there but what makes this on special from the rest is because it is very effective and it acts fast.

It is able to deliver a good performance and can keep your vehicle cool even after racing or traveling for miles. The Prestone AF888 is simply a good choice according to the customers since they can use it efficiently and there is little to no adjustment when you start applying it on your own.

Things to Improve

In other cases, customers also wanted the Prestone AF888 to have a longer performance than what it currently has. Nothing can last forever, so you want to replenish the antifreeze occasionally to be able to experience it’s the best performance on a regular basis. Others have had trouble suing the Prestone AF888 with their vehicles.

There are many factors that could affect that which would include the type of vehicle that you have and if it passes the requirements that the Prestone AF888 can be applied on. Others also complained how the anti-freeze was able to eat through plastic like that of a distilled water jug.


The Prestone AF888 still is one of the best options that you have out there. The issues are just small things that can be easily remedied. Out there in the market, nothing else can top over what the Prestone AF888 is able to do.

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