PRI 16G Fuel Stabilizer Review

PRI Fuel Stabilizer is one of the most trusted fuel stabilizers, which not only fathers could use, but mothers as well. It is among the commonly relied on solutions for generators, specifically in times of crisis. Be reminded that not all the time, you could avoid natural disasters’ effects to the community, perhaps even to your house.

The fuel stabilizer has various uses to offer. Primarily, as mentioned above, it is for emergency. Furthermore, it could be trusted if you want to have a long-term fuel storage. In other words, you could utilize the stabilizer to restore the quality of a fuel to a fresh condition.

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If you have aged fuels in your home, you would likely find this product totally helpful in preventing its deterioration. You would also be able to avoid the failure of the fuel’s performance in the future. It is a superconcentrated fuel remedy, which could enable any type of gasoline to work accordingly for emergency and natural catastrophes.

Although fuel gets old quickly, you could still treat it every year with PRI to sustain its freshness despite deciding to keep it in storage for a number of years. According to claims, the fuel stabilizer could make your gasoline eligible for storage even at indefinite periods.

Emergency Power

Who would want to suffer from power outage and have no electricity throughout the day? Apparently, no one would want to go through such situation. If your reason is your poor-performing generator, then you may use PRI Fuel Stabilizer. The stabilizer would be able to release you from concerns of unstable and degrading quality of your generator’s power.

Basically, there are further disruptions that a devolving generator could bring. You would be plugging filtration systems, have to encounter inflicted engine components due to tons of carbon, and face difficulty of enforcing ignition.

If you would bring your generator to a repair man, you would need to allocate a larger budget, which you may likely not have at present. Most of the time, you would even be required to replace the generator itself.

By having a fuel stabilizer, you would give yourself a great favor of reducing upfront costs and keeping your alternative power provider maintenance. Take note that your generator is not simply a remedy for your need to operate your appliances but could be counted on during critical situations.

PRI PRI 16G Fuel Stabilizer Features and Specifications

PRI Fuel Stabilizer is available in two options, which are 16 ounces that could treat 256 gallons and 32 ounces for 512 gallons. The product is in a container having dimensions of 8 inches by 2.5 inches by 5 inches.

To know more about the product, here are its other major features:

  • Suitable for any gasoline type.
  • Fuel economy provider.
  • Better attributes for fuel.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Small amount goes a long way.
  • Three-year shelf life.

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PRI PRI 16G Fuel Stabilizer Reviews

The editor’s rating for PRI Fuel Stabilizer is 9.4 out of 10.

The fuel stabilizer received mostly positive and almost perfect ratings from its existing users and buyers. According to them, the product is highly effective if you are searching for an emergency buddy. Surprising it may be, it could make any old gas work in just a few drops. Moreover, the users guaranteed that even a gas stored for years could be restored by utilizing the amazing product. They also commended how fuel consumption could lessen after the use of the stabilizer.

Things to Improve

Most of the reviews did not mention any area for improvement regarding the product. There is one that claimed the fuel stabilizer may have caused issues to the engines he has. Nonetheless, his issues are not for certain due to the product.


Overall, PRI Fuel Stabilizer is a must-have given not only its high-performance features but mostly perfect ratings from its user.

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