Primacare DL-9325 Reusable LED Penlight With Pupil Gauge Review

The Primacare DL-9325 Reusable LED Penlight is a dependable LED penlight or pen light that’s reusable to boot. Among its many claims to fame is its sealed concentric beam of light that’s capable of illuminating the throat, ears, and eyes during doctor’s exams. This is the reason why this particular light is so popular among those in the medical community.

It also comes at the right size, so you can carry it around wherever you go or if you’re in need of doing these exams elsewhere other than a clinic (like when doing medical volunteer work for the indigent with free examinations in remote places all over the world). It even has a pocket clip that you can use to activate the light and ensure penlight portability.

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Incredible Brightness for Medical Purposes

With this penlight, you can determine pupil size of the light through the printed-on pupil gauge that’s found right on the body of the product in question itself. If that’s not enough, then there’s also the fact that it’s quite the luminous product.

The Primacare DL-9325 is quite bright. It’s not so bright that prolonged contact with the eyes would blind the person, but it’s bright enough to be usable in medical contexts. It emits a nice blue and white color light that doesn’t burn the retinas of the patients and doesn’t cause a myriad of complaints when used.

It’s exactly what you want out of a pen light; a dependable one that’s useful for pupil checks and can also be used for flashlight applications.

Amazing Reusability and Longevity

One other thing that makes the Primacare DL-9325 stand out from the rest of the penlights out there that are strictly for book reading and emergency flashlight assistance (until you can get your hands on a more powerful torchlight) is its long battery life.

Many a doctor and nurse makes use of this light for various medicinal purposes, such as assisting with IVs and whatnot, and most agree that the light works excellently in getting their jobs done with ample brightness and a long battery life that just won’t quit. This is because the penlight was designed to maximize the power of the batteries it uses up, ensuring energy efficiency and a light that keeps going and going regardless of which battery brand you opt to avail of for it.

Primacare DL-9325 Specifications

  • Weight: about 0.8 ounces. Product dimensions is 5.8 by 1.6 by 0.7 inches
  • Includes replaceable batteries in one package (it’s not sold separately)
  • Blue and white light. Sealed concentric beam with durable plastic material
  • Reusability and longevity
  • Pre-focused pinpoint lens & Pupil gauge printed guide
  • Pocket clip pressing is enough to activate it
  • Useful for eyes, ears, and throat illumination
  • Pocket clip ensures portability and easy storage
  • Can also be used to find veins for IVs and injections

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Primacare DL-9325 Reviews

The Primacare DL-9325 is a penlight that I find quite useful, and many other reviewers in the medical field agree with this assessment. We particularly approve of the amazing brightness of the product and its ability to vary light intensity from retina checkup levels to emergency flashlight during blackouts level.

I’ve even used this light to look for coins I’ve dropped from under the seat of my car at night since it’s something anyone can bring with them anywhere thanks to its smallness (it’s literally the size of a pen, obviously enough). It’s also more energy efficient than my last few disposable pens, making it a solid investment. That’s why it gets the 8.5 out of 10 rating.

Things to Improve

The Primacare DL-9325 isn’t a perfect penlight. The 1.5 discrepancy on its rating that keeps it from getting a perfect score mainly roots from complaints by a number of users in regards to the light not being useful for EMT field work and its design not rugged enough for their preferences.

More to the point, there are heavy duty penlights out there that outdo the Primacare DL-9325 by leaps and bounds in terms of EMT applications (though this isn’t really the penlight’s fault). These customers also complain about how it runs on three button batteries and how some of them received a package that doesn’t include the batteries at all (which is contrary to what was advertised).


As far as any medical professional is concerned, it’s a perfectly serviceable penlight with a light that can be relied upon for all medical circumstances. While there are those who complain that Primacare DL-9325 isn’t as good as they wanted it to be, it’s not the worst penlight either.

In fact, it’s a perfectly excellent and serviceable light that’s energy efficient, long-lasting, and offers LED technology that guarantees efficient use of battery juice without compromising its functionality whatsoever.

For every outlier customer out there that isn’t satisfied with what this penlight brings to the table, there are about nine other users who are perfectly fine with its capabilities.

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