Pro-Temp PT-70-SS Kerosene Heater Review

Pro-Temp PT-70-SS is one of the best kerosene heaters you could purchase today, which has a higher output compared with its rivals at 70,000 British thermal units (BTUs). It is a quality performing product that could cover up to 1,750 square feet room or home. You could anticipate the machine to work as long as seven hours on full tank, which has a capacity of four gallons. The heater is also designed with radiant and fan-forced heating system.

Many professionals and do-it-yourself (DIY) people chose the portable heater for it is very convenient to use. Besides your bedroom, it could also be utilized for warehouses, workshops, farms, and garages, among others.wide orange51htfloWI8L

Radiant and Fan Forced Heating System

The system is a simplified method of distributing heat throughout your room or house using air as carrier. This is a type of mechanism wherein the warm air goes through a duct system, which would then be released through vents into other home areas and rooms to sustain a certain temperature. This temperature would be defined by what you set using the thermostat. Whenever the desired temperature is reached, the heater would shut down. The heater would turn on again and heat up when the temperature level changes.

The air heating solution is deemed as energy efficient. Even while using it constantly during winter, its performance would not change. Apart from kerosene, there are other fan forced heating systems that work using an electric furnace or heat pump.

Canadian Standards Association Certified

Pro-Temp PT-70-SS is CSA certified, which means it has undergone product evaluation and approval services. The firm has long been offering global solutions to ensure a product complies with safety standards and is high quality. It provides component and entire unit certifications not only for heaters but also for plumbing products, electronic products, gas-fired items, and protective equipment, among others.

The firm had covered almost every industry in the world. Even if your business is small, you could ask the agency for an independent testing. It provides services to residential, commercial, and industrial segments as necessary.

CSA is accredited by a crown corporation, Standards Council of Canada. In other words, all products listed in CSA have undergone independent tests and certifications for utmost performance. Most of the standards under the agency are voluntary, which means there is no law requirement to apply the principles. Nonetheless, adherence to CSA regulations has been important to manufacturers for it increases their reputation.

Pro-Temp PT-70-SS Features and Specifications

The kerosene heater has a heat output of 70,000 BTUs at the maximum, which could cover 1,750 square feet of area. The fuel tank capacity of the unit is four gallons. The consumption, on the other hand, is 0.5 gallon per hour. The maximum runtime of the heater is 7 hours. You may obtain the product at a cumulative weight of 33 pounds. The dimensions of the heater are 20.9 inches by 14.6 inches by 21.7 inches.

To learn more about the product, here are its other amazing features:

  • Wide range of area suitability – The high performance of the product could be applicable for an assortment of areas with variances in temperature control. It could be used in aircraft hangers, warehouses, farms, workshops, and construction sites, among others.
  • Noiseless technology – The air flow technology of the heater eliminates extra noise upon generation of heat. This is helpful if you would use the unit in bedrooms.
  • Wind-resistant – The heating performance of the unit is paramount, which is why even the wind blowing would not affect its operation unlike typical forced air heaters.
  • Direct warmth – The unit is designed to heat up objects or spaces directly, mimicking how sunlight or campfire does it.
  • Versatile multi-fuel heater – You may fill up the heater with a variety of fuels, specifically diesel fuel, Jet A fuel, and 1-K Kerosene, among others.
  • Improved safety – You do not have to worry about the hazards associated with a heater’s usage since it has protective features, such as flame-out fuel cut, high-temperature limit shutdown, thermocouple, and tip-over shut off.

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Pro-Temp PT-70-SS Reviews

The editor’s rating for Pro-Temp PT-70-SS is 7.8 out of 10.

Most of the feedbacks received by the product are positive. According to the existing users of the heater, they found the unit highly effective in warming spaces sufficiently. It is also described to be better since it is quieter compared with other units even while running. Though it uses fuel, it would not smell unlikely. Most importantly, many families have found the heater valuable during the winter season.

Things to Improve

The major suggestion for improvement from the consumers is to add a thermostat in the unit. According to one review, the heater has to keep its fan running to cool down even after shutting it off.


Pro-Temp PT-70-SS is a generally recommendable product provided its high-performing attributes, manageable settings, and highly safe structure.

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